Resolution No. 22

Resolution No. 22
A Resolution encouraging Austin Peay State University to install a stop sign between the
Clement building and Woodward Library on Browning Drive where “Stop” is currently
written on the road.
Whereas SGA exists to “make sure their thoughts and needs are heard and addressed to
increase their quality of life,”
Whereas, currently “Stop” is written on the road, but people do not stop due to the
fact that it is not seen or not taken as seriously.
Whereas, student drivers have expressed concern that they don’t know if they should stop
or not
Whereas, other students have expressed concern about drivers not stopping and the
hazard it could be to students.
Whereas, if a “Stop” sign was installed then the safety of the students would be further
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED on this 7th day of April, 2010, by the 64th assembly of
the Student Government Association of Austin Peay State University that:
Section 1: Upon passage of this resolution, the APSU SGA will issue a formal
recommendation to the Director of Public Safety and the Campus Safety and Roads
Committee to determine the plausibility of installing a “STOP” Sign between the
Clement building and the Woodward Library on Browning Drive.
Sponsoring Senators
SGA President
SGA Chief Justice