Members Present: Shari Shuman, Pierre Allaire, Mauricio Gonzalez, Joann Campbell Jennifer Hagar-Vickery

Space Committee Meeting
December 1, 2010
Members Present:
Support Staff Present:
Shari Shuman, Pierre Allaire, Mauricio Gonzalez, Joann Campbell
Jennifer Hagar-Vickery
Everett Malcolm, Deb Kaye, Zak Ovadia, John Hale,
Dan Endicott, Lance Taylor, Elizabeth Jones
Project Timelines
- Campus Wide Master Plan – Campus Planning, Design and Construction has
reviewed the first draft. A public ad will appear on December 22 with a hearing
scheduled for January 3.
JJ Daniel Hall (Building 1)
- The President’s Office has met with Ethan Allen regarding furniture for the suite.
- The addition of exit lights in the President’s Suite needs to be addressed.
Student Wellness and Sports Education
- On schedule to fence in mid-December.
- The budget is on target and completion is scheduled for February 2012.
- The bond issue for $15.5M is going out this month. All funding should be in place
by January.
- The official name will be the Student Wellness Complex pending approval of the
- It was noted that the plaza will be a separate project.
Science and Humanities Building
- Construction is proceeding.
- Getting closer to meeting the budget.
- The last package should go out to bid in 2 weeks and the GMP is expected at the
beginning of January.
- The proposed name for the building is the Biological Sciences Building.
Education Building: DRC, OCT, Veterans Services and Leadership Institute Offices
- The CM contract has been awarded to PPI. The construction start up meeting
occurred yesterday.
- Construction will take place between January and August.
- A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for January 14 at 11:00 AM.
Science & Engineering Remedial Work
- Scaffolding will be erected around the entire building except for the loading dock
after classes end and will stay in place for the duration of the project.
- Peter Braza and Barb Hetrick have been sent a FACTS sheet. Zak will also send this
to Joann for her follow-up.
- The motorcycle spaces will be temporarily moved across the lot in Lot 7.
Building 9 – 2nd Floor – History
- The anticipated completion date is August 2011 for the second floor.
- Classrooms will be ready for classes in January.
Art & Design Building Program
- One program document has been completed but needs to be scaled back in size to
make it more efficient and compact.
Dining Facility
- The location is planned for the current Dining Hall location.
- Demolition documents should be complete by January with demolition anticipated in
- Three architect firms have been shortlisted and will be interviewed next week.
- Trips to other institutions for ideas are planned.