Space Committee Meeting MINUTES September 1, 2010

Space Committee Meeting
September 1, 2010
Members Present:
Shari Shuman, Pierre Allaire, Mauricio Gonzalez, Joann Campbell,
Len Roberson, Jennifer Hagar-Vickery, Sitou Byll-Cataria
Support Staff Present:
Everett Malcolm, Deb Kaye, Zak Ovadia, John Hale,
Dan Endicott, Lance Taylor, Elizabeth Jones, Giovannie Medina
Project Timelines
- Campus Wide Master Plan – The first draft has been reviewed and will be shared
with the BOT in November.
- Relocation of Communications Department – This project is complete and will be
removed from the Project Timeline.
- Sanctuary and Meditation Center – The proposed location is currently being
reviewed. The University continues to raise money.
- New Food Service Facility and General Purpose Building – The current focus is
on the food service portion of the building. Two additional floors are being
considered, possibly for Housing programming and Faculty Association.
JJ Daniel Hall (Building 1)
- No issues at this time.
- The VP satellite office is completed. The ITS space is in progress. The Graduate
School is currently waiting for delivery of new furniture before moving in.
- New carpet is scheduled for the Academic Affairs space in December.
Student Wellness and Sports Education
- 30% construction documents are complete
- Extending the floor space will need to be an alternate plan due to funding limitations.
- Jeffrey Cornett will be added to the building committee.
Science and Humanities Building
- 90% of the underground infrastructure is complete and footings are being poured.
- The budget is on target.
Education Building: DRC, OCT, Veterans Services and Leadership Institute Offices
- Currently advertising for a Construction Manager. Responses are due in 3 weeks.
- Construction documents are 30% complete.
Science & Engineering Remedial Work
- The final report from Gayle Construction has been received. The roof and all of the
brick and stone on the outside of the building must be replaced. The anticipated start
date is October 1. Occupants will be advised through the Deans.
Building 9 – 2nd Floor – History
- At this time, work in the building will be limited to the History Department. Zak will
follow-up with Dale Clifford. The GMP is expected in the next couple of weeks.
Art & Design Building Program
- Two meetings have been held with Deb Murphy and Barb Hetrick and the first
analysis has been drafted. A location has not been determined.
Disability Resource Center – Expansion into CIRT
- This project is complete and will be removed from the agenda.