Reading: In our study of Nonfiction texts, we focused on a different type of nonficition…
Literary Nonfiction. Ask your child to tell you about it! It has been fun reading story-like books,
but still gaining new information about a topic! We will be starting our Poetry unit, next.
The kinders are spending time reviewing some important skills we have worked on
through out the year… syllables & rhyming. We want to make sure we have a strong foundation as
we are preparing for 1st grade!
Writing: In our How To writing unit, we have taken the next steps in the writing process –
drafting and revising – each child is working hard on their final piece, making it better each day.
Continue to encourage writing at home, as well!
Math: We have started our last unit in math – Addition & Subtraction.
We are spending time
really understanding the concept of adding through movement, manipulatives and games. The
kinders are loving it!!
* Words Their Way: “word sorts”, We are working on individual sorts, to reinforce specific skills –
short vowels, blends, digraphs or long vowels. The sorts help us recognize spelling patterns that will
help us as readers & writers.
* Snappy Words: Take some time to practice these words with your child to help build fluency in
reading & writing... (a, and, I, me, you, the, my, is, to go, can, we, he, she, at, be, no, it, like, am,
play, on, in, yes, did, for, see, that, come, was, up, with, by, from, have, if, here, said, are. do,
make, look, this, on, were, little, out, get)
* Science: During our Life Science unit we have identified what we know about plants, what we want
to learn and we have starting discovering plants – how they are alike/different & their needs.
* Social Studies: We have started our Map Skills unit by exploring maps & globes. Have your kinder
work on reciting their address & phone number.
Dates & Reminders:
April 21 – Open House & Book Fair
April 29 – Variety Show
* We hope to see you Thursday at Spencer
Loomis’ Open House; the Book Fair will be
open as well.
* Send in your Box Tops & Labels for
* If your daughter is going to wear a
dress/skirt, please make sure they have
leggings/shorts on underneath.
* We are busy getting ready for our
Mother’s Day celebration! Please RSVP by
April 29th.
* Room 115 is in need of some supplies to
help us make it through the end of the
year: papertowels, clorox wipes,
Ticonderoga pencils, play-doh - - please &
thank you!!