News from Room 113 A Peek at our Week Reading :

News from Room 113
April 22,
A Peek at our Week
Reading: We are wrapping up our
Nonfiction unit and learning about
Writing: The kinders worked hard on
creating their published How-To piece.
Hope you had a chance to check them out
at Open House!
Words Their Way: We are working on
individuals sorts to practice specific skillsshort vowels, blends, digraphs, and long
vowels. This helps with our reading and
Math: The kinders are becoming rock
stars at addition. We talked about “turnaround facts” and realized that the two
groups can be in different spots, but would
still equal the same number. We also
recognized that starting with the greater
number and then counting on the smaller
number helps us solve addition problems
Science: We have been studying plants and
identifying what plants need and plant
Social Studies: We started our Map Unit
and explored Maps and Globes. We also
talked about Land and Water.
April 29- Variety Show
May 6- Mother’s Day
Tea Party
May 20-Early Release
May 27-Early Release
Please RSVP to the
Mother’s Day Tea
AM: 10-11
PM: 1:30-2:30
PM-Welcome to
our new friend
Snappy Words: (I, a, and,
me, the, to, go, you, can, my, he,
she, we, at, be, no, it, like, am,
play, on, in, yes, did, for, see
that, up, with, was, come, by,
from, have, if, here, said, are,
do, make, look, this, an, were,
little, out, get) Take some time
to practice these so they know
them in a “snap.”