News from Room 113 A Peek at our Week Reading :

News from Room 113
April 8,
A Peek at our Week
Reading: We are continuing our
Nonfiction unit. We discussed how to
activate our prior knowledge about a topic
and come up with things we are wondering
before we read. We are also focusing on
the main idea and key details.
Writing: In our How-To unit, we have
decided which topic to publish and turn it
in to something to share with an audience.
We are now in the editing and revising
Words Their Way: We are working on
individuals sorts to practice specific skillsshort vowels, blends, digraphs, and long
vowels. This helps with our reading and
Math: We wrapped up 3D shapes and
started our addition unit. We worked with
identifying two groups and determining the
Science: We talked about Living and
Nonliving things. We also began to discuss
plants and how they have similarities and
Social Studies: We will be starting our Map
Unit. Please have your kinder work on
saying their phone number and address.
April 16: Science Fair
April 19-21: Book Fair
April 21- Open House
April 29- Variety Show
I can’t believe we have
2 months of school
left! Please encourage
reading and writing at
PM-Welcome to
our new friend
Snappy Words: (I, a, and,
me, the, to, go, you, can, my, he,
she, we, at, be, no, it, like, am,
play, on, in, yes, did, for, see
that, up, with, was, come, by,
from, have, if, here, said, are,
do, make, look, this, an) Take
some time to practice these so
they know them in a “snap.”