Reading: In our study of Nonfiction texts, we are focusing on the main idea and noticing
important details/facts about it. We want to be able to share our learning with others!
The kinders are becoming experts with long vowels, especially words with a silent e!
We are taking time to practice each long vowel and noticing how it may look in words - for
example, some long o & long u words: boat, snow, cone & due, spoon, cube. We are learning how
confusing reading and spelling words can be – but we have created anchor charts that will be in our
room to help us!
Writing: In our How To writing unit, we have taken the next step in the writing process –
selecting – each child selected their idea that they will work towards publishing. Continue to
encourage writing at home, as well!
Math: We have wrapped up our study of 3d shapes (solid shapes).
We have learned that these
shapes are different than 2d shapes (flat shapes) because they have edges, corners & faces. Your
child should be able to name and identify a cube, cylinder, sphere, cone & rectangular prism.
* Words Their Way: “word sorts”, We are working on individual sorts, to reinforce specific skills –
short vowels, blends, digraphs or long vowels. The sorts help us recognize spelling patterns that will
help us as readers & writers.
* Snappy Words: Take some time to practice these words with your child to help build fluency in
reading & writing... (a, and, I, me, you, the, my, is, to go, can, we, he, she, at, be, no, it, like, am,
play, on, in, yes, did, for, see, that, come, was, up, with, by, from, have, if, here, said, are. do,
make, look, this, on)
* Science: We started our Life Science unit by identifying living and nonliving things.
* Social Studies: We will be starting our Map Skills unit. Have your kinder work on reciting their
address & phone number.
Dates & Reminders:
March 26-April 3 – Spring Break
* I hope you all are enjoying the break!
We are in the home stretch… I can’t
believe it! The last 2 months will be busy,
* I would like to welcome a new friend to
our afternoon group… Fiona!! We now
have 19 kinders in the PM 
* Lake Zurich CUSD 95 will be hosting
our 8th annual Science Fair on Saturday,
April 16, 2016 sponsored by the District 95
Educational Foundation. The objective of
this event is to excite our students about
science. Participation is open to all K-8
students including District 95 students,
parochial and private school students, and
home schooled students. This event will be
both educational and fun. Talk with your
child about participating in the science
fair. Sign up has been extended to April
12th at 11:30, so sign up now to ensure your
spot! Visit the website below for
registration information.
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