News from Room 113 A Peek at our Week Reading :


News from Room 113

February 26, 2016

A Peek at our Week Reading

: We started our Nonfiction unit and discussed the difference between Fiction and Nonfiction. We also learned about Nonfiction Text Features and tried to point them out in various nonfiction books.


Writing : We have been working on long vowels and the Silent E and learned how it makes the vowel say its name. : We launched our “How To” writing unit! We are reading a lot of “how-to” books, while thinking about sequence and the order steps have to be taken for a task to be completed. Point out different instructions, recipes, lists of materials, rules to your kinder and help them make important literacy connections! Words Their Way: We are working on individuals sorts to practice specific skills- short vowels, blends, digraphs, and long vowels. Math : We have been exploring measurement through weight and length.

Social Studies

Science: : We are still in our Friends units and the kids made friendship keychains to put on their backpacks! We are continuing with our Earth Science unit and have been studying different types of weather and the four seasons.

Important Dates

Mar. !!: Early Release Mar. 25: No School Mar 26-30: Spring Break Reminders: Family Movie Night is March 4!

Snappy Words:

(I, a, and, me, the, to, go, you, can, my, he, she, we, at, be, no, it, like, am, play, on, in, yes, did, for, see that, up, with, was, come, by, from) Take some time to practice these so they know them in a “snap.”