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CM8103 Liquid Chromatography, Credits: 3.00
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Course Description
A variety of separation modes using different combinations of stationary phase and
mobile phase are being used in liquid chromatography. This course will illuminate the
separation mechanism in each of these modes. Starting with fundamentals of liquid
chromatography, we will learn about column packing materials, partitioning in different
modes of chromatography, preparative separation, and method development including
gradient elution. Researchers with a lot of practical experience will learn in depth what is
occurring within columns. The course will also benefit those with an undergraduate-level
background in analytical chemistry.
When finished successfully, the student will be able to explain many chromatograms in
the catalogues of column suppliers.
Get a copy of the following book. The figures and tables will be referred to in the
HPLC Columns (ISBN 0-471-19037-3)
Wiley-VCH, 1997
Uwe Neue
Reference book
The following book may be useful.
Basic HPLC and CE of Biomolecules (ISBN 0-9663229-0-8)
Bay Bioanalytical Laboratory, 1998
Robert Cunico, Karen Gooding, Tim Wehr
Following catalogues will be needed.
Macherey Nagel "Chromatography" (
Phenomenex "HPLC/GC/SPE" (
Alltech "Chromatography" C600 (
Supelco "Chromatography" (
Gelest "Silane Coupling Agents" (
Grading Policy
30 homework
70 final exam