Gas Chromatography

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Vendors of Gas Chromatography
Thermo Scientific
Buck Scientific
SRI Instruments
Research Articles
Michael P. Stainton. A Syringe Gas-Stripping Procedure for Gas-Chromatographic Determination of
Dissolved Inorganic and Organic Carbon in Fresh Water and Carbonates in Sediments
Published on the web 13 April 2011.Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada,1973,
30(10): 1441-1445.
Wittmann, Susan; Decsy, Zoltan; Regensperger, Susan; Pudmer, Elisabeth. Determination of
Alkylphenols by Gas Chromatography, Elution Liquid Chromatography, and Gel Permeation
Chromatography. Analytical Chemistry 1984 56 (6), 989-991.
Virginia C. Fernandes, Valentina F. Domingues, Nuno Mateus, and Cristina Delerue-Matos.
“Determination of Pesticides in Fruit and Fruit Juices by Chromatographic Methods, An
Overview” Journal of Chromatographic Science, Oct-2011 (49), 715-730.
Uses of Gas Chromatography
In forensic science for analysis of body fluids
To test water samples to determines substances located in the water
To separate volatile compounds, especially pesticides