Teaching Unit 7

Teaching Unit 7
Separation techniques: column chromatography
Keywords and concepts: Mixture separation. Column chromatography.
’Xplore Health related tools: Virtual experiment: Develop a drug!
Introduction: In our day-to-day we use devices that are based on some techniques that are also used
in the lab. In this teaching unit you will learn how a separation technique such as column
chromatography is used for water filtration.
In the virtual experiment “Develop a drug” a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is used
to separate the POP protein from the rest of bacterial proteins. HPLC is a column chromatography
based on the affinity of molecules for the support or the solvent and it works in a similar way as that of
water filtration systems that can be found in some homes to get rid of substances that give a bad taste
to tap water. In these systems, filtration is based on chemical bonding.
Please identify which of the following drawings corresponds to the HPLC used in the virtual experiment
and which corresponds to the process used in filtration systems. Explain in your own words the
differences between both processes.
Teaching Unit 7