Grade 9 Supply List 2014-1

o Agenda (Highly recommended because of classes in multiple rooms)
o 5 or more blue or black pens (hand-in assignments in English and History require these –
assignments will not be accepted in other colours)
o Pencil crayons and/or markers
o Glue stick
o Scissors
o Pencils and erasers (math assignments must be completed in pencil)
o 4 different coloured highlighters
o 4 different colours of sticky notes (some English/History assignments will require these)
o French/English Dictionary for Core French students
o 3 separate binders for core subjects (required for handouts and notes)
o 1 – 3 inch binder for English/History
o 1 – 3 inch binder for Math/Science
o 1 – 1 inch binder for Portfolio
o 1 binder for your other subjects (Health, PAA, Phys. Ed., Arts rotation, etc.)
o Dividers (1 set for each binder)
o Loose-leaf (always have extra!)
o Black marker
o Scientific calculator
o White out
o 30cm ruler
o Graph paper
o A box of kleenex (give to your homeroom teacher)
o Clothing appropriate for Physical Education and non-marking sneakers