Physics 11 - Communication Plan

Physics 11
Course Outline
First Semester 2015-2016
Teacher: Mr. Richie MacIsaac
Textbook: Physics, McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Course Requirements:
Three-ring binder
Loose leaf or scribbler
Graphing calculator
Pencils, pens, etc.
Course Outlook:
The Atlantic Canada science curriculum is designed to enable students to acquire science-related
knowledge, skills, and attitudes to engage them in the study and analysis of the interrelationships
among science, technology, society and the environment (STSE). It also reflects the three major
processes of science learning: inquiry, problem solving, and decisions making.
This course focuses on how and why objects move. The course begins with students learning the
standard guidelines for collecting and presenting quantitative data (proper units, conversions, significant
digits and scientific notation).
This course will consist of four (4) main areas of study:
Kinematics: How Objects Move
*Note* - The chapters outlined are simply a
o Chapter 2 – Describing Motion
guide only. This course will consist of
o Chapter 3 – Analyzing Motion
material from a diverse range of
Dynamics: Why Objects Move
o Chapter 4 – Introducing Forces
o Chapter 5 – Newton’s Laws
Momentum and Energy
o Chapter 6 – Work, Power, and Efficiency
o Chapter 7 – Conservation of Energy and Momentum
o Chapter 8 – Waves Transferring Energy
o Chapter 9 – Sound Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation
Classroom Expectations:
Students arrive on time and prepared
Students will be respectful and considerate of others
Students will be respectful of textbooks and contents of the classroom
Assessment for Learning:
Throughout this course, students will have ample opportunity to engage in assessment for learning
activities. These assessments, which are not assigned a numerical grade, provide a valuable diagnostic
to students, teachers, and parents prior to graded evaluation. With this information, gaps or
misconceptions can be identified and emphasis placed in these areas.
Assessment of Learning:
Final Exam
Physics Binder:
Each student is required to keep an organized binder which consists of:
All notes (chronological and neat)
All tests and quizzes
All assignments
Returned lab reports
Dividers to aid in organization
In semester courses, large amounts of information are encompassed in a short period of time. Therefore
it is essential to review your notes and complete assignments in a timely manner. There will be periodic
quizzes designed to encourage students to participate in class and complete assigned homework. Lab
reports will be due the day following the lab activity, unless otherwise stated. Important
communications, including homework, will be posted to my SMECA StraitUp! page.
School Phone: 902-522-2035
School Fax: 902-522-2336
Have a Great School Year!!