Opener The Five Purposes of Art

In your binder start your first note page. The
Topic will be “The Five Purposes of Art”
Remember during this time you need to stay
silent for announcements and so that
attendance may be taken.
Why artists do what they do best
Observe ritual
Express or communicate emotion, feelings, or
Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893
Create artistic objects used in everyday lives
Promote ideas or products – advertising,
marketing, propaganda, ideology
Tell stories, describe/illustrate experiences,
communicate ideas or information, document
historical events
Take a few minutes to write a short summary
of today’s notes in your own words.
Using the magazines in the room, find an
example of each of the five purposes of visual
On a blank piece(s) of computer paper, glue
the examples and label them
After your examples are dry, hole punch and
keep them with your visual art notes – I will
check that they are complete with your binder
Scissors are limited so please share