English 10
Period 6
Mr. Hammett and Mrs. Patterson, Room 205
English 10 – General (120) Year--1 Credit
In this survey approach to the study of literature, students will closely read and comprehend a
variety of works such as To Kill a Mockingbird and The Catcher in the Rye. Students will also
read a play by William Shakespeare. There will be an emphasis on analysis of how different
authors address similar themes and topics. Students will build their knowledge of language
conventions by studying grammar and vocabulary. Additionally, students will learn to write
based on research for a range of tasks. Students will use technology to present new knowledge
and ideas in a collaborative manner. This level is designed to meet the needs of students with
varying abilities who plan to attend college or who plan to go directly to work after graduation.
How I will grade you:
Class work/Homework: 30%
Quizzes/ Type II Writing: 30%
Tests/Major Writing Assignments/Projects: 40%
Class Expectations:
Be familiar with the school handbook.
Come to class prepared- notebooks open, books on desk, with a pen/pencil, and ready
to work.
Take care of this classroom and the materials within it.
Keep your hands to yourselves.
Raise your hand to speak and wait for your turn.
Meet class deadlines regarding assignments.
Give your best effort on all assignments.
Classroom rules:
Homework is due when class begins. Homework is a foundation for the next day’s
lesson. Any work completed after this time is late. *See school-wide late work policy.
Homework will be collected in the fifth bin of the inbox.
I will accept major assignments and projects late. Each day a project is late, results in a
10 pt deduction.
Desks should be clear of all material that is not pertinent to class. This includes (but is
not limited to) handbags and work from other classes.
You may sign out to use the restroom the first or last 5 minutes of class.
This is a fast pace class. It is essential that students transition from each activity quickly
and quietly!
School-wide late work policy:
One day late – 10 points off
Two days late – 20 points off
Three days late – 30 points off
No credit for work turned in after three days late
Required Materials:
Textbook: At this time students will not be assigned textbooks.
Binders: You will be required to bring a 3 ring binder everyday to class. This binder is essential
for filing class handouts. It should be divided into three sections: Literature notes, Grammar
and Usage, Vocabulary. This binder will be your quiz grade, due on Wednesday, 9/2. See me if
you are having difficulty with this assignment.
Supplemental works: We will use many different handouts throughout the year. It is important
to file these in your binder and bring them to class. Not only will being organized help your
grade, it will keep wasted paper to a minimum.
Fire Drills:
Fire drills and other safety procedures will be carried out in a respectful and serious manner.
No joking, talking, or other disruptive behaviors during drills of any nature. During a fire drill
we will exit the door, head right to the main stairs, and go out the main doors. We will line up
in the grass by the student parking lot. We will treat every drill as if it is the real thing.
Extra Help:
Lastly, any student who is absent is responsible to seek me to find what he/she is missing. My
planning periods are 2 and 7. Additionally, you will be able to meet with me during HIP if you
need any catching up or extra help. You may also catch me before school begins or after
school. I conduct a study session for my team after school each day – join us! I may also be
reached via email. My address is [email protected]; ; [email protected]