Haverford High School
Introduction to Marketing
Syllabus & Course Guidelines
Mr. Perez
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I. Course Description
This course is designed for students interested in marketing around the world. By implementing the Marketing Essentials
textbook and computer applications, students will complete a variety of written, verbal, critical thinking, and decisionmaking activities focusing on different aspects of Marketing. Students will explore free enterprise, learn why businesses
use marketing, and gain insight into entrepreneurial skills.
II. Materials & Equipment
Textbook: Marketing Essentials, Glencoe, 2009.
• Students will be assigned numbered textbooks that will be returned to the bookshelf at the conclusion of each
class period. These textbooks will NOT be taken home.
Computers, Simulations, Teacher-Prepared Teaching Materials, Quizzes, and Tests
Binder: Each student is required to have a 3-ring binder (2”) with notepaper and insert-able tabs. Binder will contain daily
hand-outs, worksheets, and “Do Now” sheets.
III. Course Goals & Objectives
The classroom-based instruction is designed to prepare students for successful business employment and to reinforce the
skills necessary for success on the job. Credit is awarded for both classroom work and work that is completed outside the
classroom. Each student will demonstrate no less than 60 percent proficiency according to the evaluation instruments which
will measure the student’s ability to:
 List several benefits you can obtain from studying marketing.
 Provide examples of the types of organizations involved in marketing and several
marketing activities.
 Present a simple definition of marketing.
 Identify reasons that marketing is important to businesses.
 Describe the impact of effective marketing on businesses, individuals, and society.
 Discuss some common criticisms of marketing.
 Identify ways that marketing is used to help solve problems facing society.
 Understand the importance of ethical behavior for marketers.
 Describe the characteristics of the U.S. private enterprise economy.
 Identify the roles of consumers, producers, and government in a private enterprise
 Find, analyze, and interpret information found on the Internet.
 Integrate and apply computer applications to the Marketing activities.
IV. Assignments & Grading
Students will be graded on a point system. Along with daily work, the student will be given various written tests and
projects during the course. If the student’s work is turned in past the due date and time, 10 percent will be deducted for
each day the assignment is late up to five days late and then it is a 0. Credit is awarded for work both in and out of the
classroom, regularly scheduled tests, behavior and participation.
Percentage Grade
98 to 100
93 to 97
90 to 92
88 to 89
83 to 87
80 to 82
Course Grade
Percentage Grade
78 to 79
77 to 73
70 to 72
68 to 69
63 to 67
60 to 62
0 to 59
Course Grade
V. Course Topics (Summary Outline)
The classroom-based instruction is designed to prepare students for successful business employment and to reinforce the
skills necessary for success on the job. There are six (6) topics that should be addressed by the course:
1. The Functions of Marketing
2. The Marketing Mix
3. The Marketing Plan
4. Marketing Information Management
5. The 4 P’s: Product
6. The 4 P’s: Promotion
VI. Computer Use
Because we are privileged to have our class located in a computer lab, I will be taking every opportunity to utilize them on
a weekly basis for lessons and activities. The computers are to be used to for academic reasons only and, therefore, you
should not be accessing email, playing games, or looking up inappropriate information on them. In accordance with the
internet use policy you signed, computer privileges will be taken away if you are accessing these sites. Also, you should be
asking permission to use a computer if being used for anything outside of my specific class work.
VII. Marketing Term(s) of the Day
The first few minutes of every class will be dedicated to our “Do Now” Marketing Term(s) and/or Thoughts of the Day.
These will be collected and graded weekly. You will be responsible for these terms on each unit exam.
VIII. My Expectations of You
You will be “On Task” at all times
o Be on time - you should be in your seat and attentive at the bell.
o Be prepared for class – Have all materials, individual folder, and be focused
o Do not ask to be excused from class…unless you have an emergency!
o Remain seated until I (not the bell) dismiss you
Conduct yourself in a business-like and professional manner
o Listen Respectfully – to the teacher and your classmates.
o Have a positive attitude
o Use appropriate language and actions at ALL times
o Follow all school rules
o Be considerate and display courteous behavior during class
o Show care for the room and keep it clean
Make-Up Work – assignments may only be made up if absences are excused. Late work will not receive full credit.
o It is YOUR responsibility to see me if you are absent to make up any work missed.
Copying of files or assignments, Violations of computer security or the Internet Acceptable Use Policy of the District,
or Destruction or Theft of school property will be referred to the administration in accordance with district discipline
policies and procedures.
IX. Technology Use
Cell Phones may not be visible or audible during class time
Cell Phones are not permitted to be used as calculators, for internet access, as MP3 players or for any other reason
I-pods may be used with permission from the teacher during non-instructional time
Non-educational games, Facebook, etc. may not be accessed during class time
Failure to follow these rules will result in one or several of the following:
 teacher assigned detention
 formal write-up
 administrative detention
 loss of computer privileges
 removal from the classroom
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