Homework Expectations - Fairfield Public Schools

Global Studies
Know when assignments are due!
• Check the side whiteboard every
day before class begins and
update your agenda.
• Assignments sometimes don’t
get posted to Infinite Campus
until later, so always keep a
record of what’s due and when.
Type your homework!
• Handwritten work is only for when you
CAN’T type it, not for when you don’t
feel like it and just want to do it quickly!
• Handwritten work must be neatly
done. If you find yourself crossing out
stuff and writing over it, you need to
rewrite. Do a second draft!
Type your homework!
• When you type, double-space!
• If you can’t print it, email it.
– Attach a Word document to the email and send it
to my email address, not yours!
– jwright@fairfieldschools.org
• If you have to write it out, leave margins on
both edges of the paper; don’t fill up the whole
sheet; leave room for teacher’s comments!
Spend time on your work!
• Don’t expect good grades if you just dash
off quick answers to homework
• You need to spend time thinking before
you write anything.
• Explain your answers.
• Give appropriate details, and don’t just
write the shortest thing you think you can
get away with.
Spend time on your work!
• Read the assignment carefully before
you try answering the questions.
• Refer to information from the reading,
but don’t copy word-for-word!
• Always write in complete in sentences.
• Proofread your work and ask yourself if
someone else could understand what
your said.
• And don’t forget: NEATNESS COUNTS!
Turn in work on time!
• Half credit the next day.
• Zero anytime after that!
*Unless there is a legitimate excuse
Keep you graded homework,
quizzes & tests in your binder!
• Old homework is something to study from
when you have tests.
• Test questions often come from homework
assignments, so keep the graded
assignments that are returned to you and
study from them at test times.
• Many of those test questions also appear on
the Midterm and Final Exams.
Keep packets and handouts in a
special binder just for this class.
• You will get a number of packets that
supplement classwork and the textbook.
• Most of them will be for homework or test review,
and many will be readings to supplement the
• Keep all of these handouts in a special binder
just for this class.
• Don’t throw them out or lose them.
• You’ll need them to study for exams!