Algebra Syllabus

Algebra 8 2015 - 2016
Course Description: This class is a study of the language, concepts, and techniques of
Algebra that will prepare students to approach and solve problems following a logical
succession of steps. Skills taught in the course lay groundwork for upper level math and
science courses and have practical uses. Remember this is a high school credit!
Supplies Required:
No. 2 Pencils (mechanical is fine)/Eraser(s)
2 Packages of loose-leaf notebook paper
Three Ring Binder (at least 1 inch)
3 Binder Dividers (Homework, Notes, Graded Papers)
4 pack of dry erase markers
Calculator (TI-84 is the type that is used for math in grades 9-12)
Expected Behaviors: Students are expected to follow these rules at all times.
1. No food in the classroom unless permission is given ahead of time.
2. Come to class on time and prepared.
3. Follow the school dress code.
4. Hall passes are only to be used when absolutely necessary.
5. Do not disrupt class.
6. Be respectful.
7. Always try your best.
Classroom Behavior:
 Students must have a binder (at least 1 inch) with them in class every day. All work,
notes, quizzes, projects, and tests are to be kept in this binder.
 Homework should be completed BEFORE class starts. If you are working on homework
that was due at the beginning of class during class time, you will receive a zero on the
 Students should participate in ALL class activities to fully gain the knowledge and
experiences needed to understand the content covered. Participation is part of your
grade. If you are not participating in class, your grade will reflect this.
 Students will be asked to complete numerous assignments either by themselves or with
groups. Students should do their work to the best of their ability.
 If a student is having trouble with a given assignment or concept, please ask me (Miss
Yates) for any help needed. Don’t wait till it’s too late!
 Students are responsible for making up missed assignments. I will not remind them.
Missed work will be placed in the designated folder so that the student can remain find
work without disrupting class. If it is not finished, the student will receive a “0”.
 Late Work: Assignments should be turned in the day they are due. If a student is late,
their grade on the assignment will drop by 25% each day it is late. After 4 days the
student will receive a “0”.
Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a zero score for each
assignment or test involved. Please give credit to those who did all the hard research and
Extra Info
 Please do not touch anything on my desk without permission. These are my things.
 Please do not write on the board unless given permission.
 Please take care of all the classroom supplies: markers, crayons, colored pencils…etc.
These were bought with my personal money and I need them to last.
 Please remember that my job is to teach you. If you prevent me from doing my job by
being a disruption in class, there will be consequences.
 Please respect others around you at all times. Bullying will NOT be tolerated.
Extra Help/Questions
Please feel free to ask me for help whenever you feel confused. I can help during study halls if
my schedule permits and can also help before and after school. I am here to help you learn,
please ask if you need help!! 
 Remind – I use this app to send homework reminders after school. Parents and students
are welcome to sign up! If you wish to sign up you can text @algebra1ya to 81010 or
sign up using the remind app. There is also a chat feature where you can ask questions
about the homework and I can respond! 
 Class Dojo – Will be used for parent communication and your participation grade. Each
student has a unique access code that will be provided on the first day of school. If you
already have an account, just enter the code into the preexisting account.
 School Website – My personal page on the school website will include weekly lesson
plans and files from class. Use the QR code on the front to access or go to