English 10 Grading Criteria

Elmont Memorial High School
Grading Criteria Sheet
Mrs. Dania Hacker
English Department Office: (516) 488-9223
Email: [email protected]
Overview: English 10R is a comprehensive course in reading fiction and nonfiction, as well as composition. Students in this course are expected to engage
in thoughtful reading of challenging texts and to produce strong written pieces
in response. Moreover, we will continue to develop our writing skills through
essay-writing, creative story writing, journaling, and a research paper. Students
will be continuing to prepare for the New York States Regents exam that will
be given in 11th grade.
Materials: It is very important that you are prepared for class EVERY DAY! The
following materials are required:
 Binder with loose-leaf, sections, pencils, and pens.
 All of your worksheets must be kept in order in your binder.
 The assigned reading materials including handouts and texts. If it was
assigned the night before, it must be in class the following day.
Classroom Rules and Requirements:
 Lateness will NOT be tolerated! You must be on time, seated and ready
to work BEFORE the bell rings.
 You are required to abide by all of the school wide rules.
 You must come prepared each day with the necessary materials for class.
You will NOT be permitted to leave the room to get materials from your
 If absent on an exam day, you must see me to arrange a time to makeup
the exam.
 You MUST treat your teacher and classmates with respect! Attitude will
not be tolerated
 You must complete all assignments on time. Assignments include:
 Reading Assignments. All outside class reading assignments are
discussed and reviewed the following day in class.
 Homework. Homework will be assigned 4-5 times a week and,
unless otherwise instructed, due the following day.
 You must keep your binder in order. All handouts are to be kept in the
binder, in their assigned section, and in good condition.
 Binders and Homework assignments may be checked periodically and
given a grade! This is an easy way to gain points!
 You are expected to participate in class discussions. The more
participation the better.
The works of literature to be covered this year include but are not limited to:
Lord of the Flies – William Golding
Othello– William Shakespeare
Fast Food Nation – Eric Schlosser
Death of a Salesman – Arthur Miller
When you are absent, you are required to call a classmate or email Mrs. Hacker
to find out the work that you missed. You are responsible for that work despite
your absence. Handouts can be emailed or will be available to you when you
return to class.
Grading: Student grades will be determined by the following grading policy.
Tests and Essays
Quiz Grades
Class Participation
of final grade
of final grade
of final grade
of final grade
Extra Help and Review Classes:
Extra help is available is by appointment. As I am split between schools,
it is important to let me know when you will attend.
Homework # 1
Have your parent or guardian sign below and bring it back to class tomorrow!
This sheet must be kept in the front of the English section of your binder so you can
refer back to it when necessary.
I have read and understand the requirements for English 10:
Student’s Name (print):
Student’s Signature:
Parent or Guardian’s Signature:
“Always walk through life as if you have
something new to learn and you will.”