Geometry Guidelines for 2015 to 2016 at SHS SHS Guidelines

Geometry Guidelines for 2015-2016
Mr. Bender room 216
Contact Information: Phone: 253-571-3165 email: [email protected]
Mr. Bender’s SWIFT site:
Attendance Policy: Students are expected to be in class each day. Hall passes will be
issued as necessary. Hall passes will not be issued during the first or last 10 minutes of
the period. Excessive absences will adversely affect a student’s grade. Good attendance
is critical. Please arrange for school sponsored absences before the absence.
Tardy Policy: Consequences for tardies will be detention. Notes from staff must be
presented punctually. If you do not have a note, then you are tardy. The tardy policy is
as follows: There will be no tolerance towards tardies after the first three days of the
Non-school materials and food: Students will please refrain from bringing/using nonschool materials, including food and drinks into the classroom. Clear water is fine.
Electronics are to be off and put away during class. However, calculators are
permitted in class.
Conduct: Having a good attitude and putting forth a good effort will greatly reduce and
hopefully eliminate classroom disruptions caused by inappropriate behavior. The goal of
our classroom is to learn to manage our behavior so that quality learning can
consistently take place. These expectations are in place to better facilitate teaching and
*Students are expected to follow all Stadium High School rules in the handbook.
Our classroom rules are:
Be prompt Be prepared
Tests and Quizzes: 80%
Be polite Be positive Be productive
Daily Assignments: 20%
A 100%-93% B+ 89%-87% B- 82-80
C 76%-73% D+ 69%-67% E 0-57%
A- 92%-90% B 86-83%
C+ 79%-77% C- 72%-70% D 66%-60%
Daily materials: Students are expected to bring pencils, paper and geometry
composition notebook, which will be discussed later in class. .
Daily work: Assignments and/or practice exercises will be given frequently, graded on
effort and are worth usually 4 points. Students who miss work due to an excused
absences may turn work in late. If they are over 1 day late, then no credit is given.
Tests and Quizes: Please show your own work for credit. Students who miss a test or
quiz will be given an opportunity to make it up within 1 week. Tests and quizzes are
announced well ahead of time. There is a re-do policy that will be outlined in class.
Online Resources:
Assignments will be posted on our new grading system on line which will be updated
frequently. The textbook with additional resources and tutoring is online at Students will be given information to register for this. I will have some
more online sources which I will show you later.
If you are struggling with understanding the mathematics than come ask me for help. I
am available after school on most days unless I have a previously scheduled meeting.
Remember: It is possible for all students to meet high standards; some simply have to
work harder to get there.
Dear Parent/Gaurdians
I look forward to working with your son/daughter this year. Please feel free to call or
email me with questions or concerns.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have read the classroom guidelines.
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