EVERY DAY, You Will Need…

2014 Economics and
Personal Finance
Ms. Jordan
Rules and other stuff!
Why EPF?
 Possible Personal Finance Certification
 Demonstrate Financial Readiness to Admission Offices
 Increased Scholarship Opportunities
 Because you can! (and you have to!)
EVERY DAY, You Will Need…
 Neatly kept 3-ring binder for this class only with at
least 200 college-ruled notebook pages
 5 Tab Dividers (instructions will be provided in class)
 A composition or spiral notebook (kept in class)
 Pencils with eraser, BLACK pens, a highlighter
 A calculator (basic, 4-function)
 Assigned homework/readings/etc.
 Homework Agenda Book
What you won’t need
* No. Although tasty, you
earn your grades; I don’t
“give” them to you.
What to Expect
 Few Homework Assignments…but…
 That means incomplete HW has a bigger impact on
your grade
 A lot of group work and problem-solving
 To retain information, you must do something
with it. So we will…
Read it… (actively)
Write it… (outlines, notes, essays…)
Discuss it
Test it!
You Will Take the W!SE Exam!
W!SE Exam: April 2015
Scholarships and money
for those who score
highest in most schools!
Grading Policy
 Grades are based on total points earned divided by total
points possible.
 Students will have many opportunities to earn points, but few
opportunities for bonus/extra credit.
 In a typical quarter your will have a variety of grades. This
means that one bad grade will not kill you. You can almost
always come back from a mistake. However, consistently
failing to do homework or readings will affect your grade.
 In order to be successful in this class, it is vital that you are
present both mentally and physically EVERY DAY. It is NOT
possible to be successful in this class or on the W!SE
Examination by only reading the textbook.
Grading Scale: 10 Points
Assignments FAQs
 Because these tests can be difficult, sometimes you will
be given the opportunity to correct tests for partial credit
added to your original test score.
 This does NOT mean you should rely on doing better “later”
 Students who earn below 60% on tests will need to
attend a study session during GP.
 If there is an issue that interferes with your ability to attend
class, please talk with me sooner than later. I will work with you,
and am always happy to do so! Coming to me the day the
assignment is due, however, is too late. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY
Ms. J’s Code of
Acceptable Behavior
Play Fair. Don’t Hit
People. Say You’re
Sorry When You
Make a Mistake
And mean it…
But Don’t Be a Moocher
Cellphone use will
sometimes be
permitted in class to
look up certain items,
etc. Please ask before
you use.
Cellphone use is
NEVER permissible
during tests or quizzes.
“Fun” consequences
may ensue…
No, No, No
Probably not…
Tardy Policy
 3 unexcused tardies per ½ quarter= GP
 For every additional tardy, you will be assigned
lunch detention and/or an enrichment
 Excessive Tardiness or Absenteeism = Discussion
with the Administration
 Vacations, Non-medically excused sick days,
dentist, orthodontist, and college visits are all
considered types of absences.
 You need to be in class to learn!
 I will ask students to miss no more than 3 class
days per semester for optional field trips, inschool activities, etc. You should plan ahead
and pick and choose those you absolutely
want to participate in.
Makeup Policy
 All homework and tests are due on the day of return to school unless
otherwise stated.
 Assignments are due at the beginning of your class time. Students
checking in late must find me and show me the assignment or it will be
considered late.
 Tests will be taken during GP and/or another pre-scheduled time.
 For excused absences and extended absences due to illness or family
emergencies, students will be given 3 days to make up tests and quizzes.
 Tests and quizzes left untaken after 3 days from your return will earn a
grade of zero.
 Students must email me when they know they’re going to be absent on
the day of a test.
 Students who know in advance must inform me they are missing a test.
Pay Attention when Others
are Talking…
Honor Code
 The Honor Code is in full force in my class.
 Do not plagiarize.
 Do not cheat.
 Academic dishonesty is dishonesty.