Show up on time

Show up on time
• Three free tardies are
allowed. Each
following tardy will be
subtracted from your
grade of 15%
• You can be dropped
after 5 absences.
Please make an effort
to make it to class.
With all materials
• You will need a
calculator for this
class. A TI-83, 84,
or 89 would work
• Don’t ask me for
writing utensils.
• Homework done.
• Bring your book.
Ready to learn
• You made the decision
to come to class, so
get something done.
• Why sit there, do
nothing, then have to
spend MORE time at
• Good attitude and an
open mind are helpful.
Respect for teacher
Teacher not friend
Not talking while I am
No phones period!
Raising hand before
• Think about how you
would like to be
treated in your
professional career.
Respect for fellow students
• You would not like to
be interrupted, so
please do not interrupt
• Understand not
everyone is as smart
as you think you are.
• Respect peoples
• Be willing to work with
and help other
students. There is
more than one teacher
in the room.
Respect for classroom
• I don’t go to your
house and make a
• Please put desks
back if you moved
them and make
sure nothing on the
• No food or drink
Final things
Please take care of all sharpening,
social issues before the bell.
Please do not line up at the door. It
does not ring any quicker, no matter
where you stand.