American Government

American Government
Ms. Kathie Kunz
How to find me:
Room 205
Office: In the IB office (across from the auditorium)
Phone: 416-6209
Periods 4,6,8 World History
Period 5: IB Student Council
Period 7: American Government
Purpose of Course
Many people find it difficult at first to discuss politics for a variety of reasons. You may feel ill
informed about current events, confused about how our government works or apathetic –
assuming government has nothing to do with your life. However, regardless of the choices you
make developing careers or family, you will all be citizens. In a republic such as ours,
citizenship carries rights and responsibilities. This course will provide you with the
fundamentals to understanding how our government works, and why your participation in it is
critical to the success of a democratic nation. Thus, expect to actively participate daily –
through simulations, a field trip, discussions, writing, and even lectures.
Units of Study
I. Purpose of Government (Local government)
II. The Road to a Republic
III. Principles of the Constitution
IV. Civil Liberties (Judicial Branch)
V. Political Process (Executive Branch)
VI. Domestic Policy (Legislative Branch)
Classroom Policy and Expectations:
Attendance: PHS attendance/tardy policy will be enforced as it pertains to final exams.
However, unexcused tardies and absences will also affect your grade through the
“Class Bank.”
100 points (for daily class participation)
-5 for unexcused tardies
-10 for unexcused absences
-10 for disruptive/disrespectful behavior
-10 for lack of participation
-5 for excessive trips to retrieve binder or assignments
+ 10 points for 3 unused Mercy slip IF all assignments were
turned in throughout the semester
Consider this a “free” A on a test. It is in your best interest to be on time and come to class
ready to participate. If you are tardy, please sign in before taking your seat and do not disrupt
the class.
Materials: You are required to bring a 3-ring binder with notepaper and assignments, your
Learning Log, and writing implements daily. Your textbook is an additional resource.
Behavior: Respect and personal responsibility are the keys.
 Disagree with opinions not the person – respectfully
 Develop personal integrity. Do your own work and pull your own weight in
group activities
 Manage your time appropriately
 Keep table and room clean – we share this space with 150 people a day.
 Communicate – please let me know if you have any concerns whatsoever
Monitoring Grade: This class is required for graduation. Check grades regularly online,
and let me know ASAP if there is a discrepancy. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO
Assignments: The Assignment Calendar only works when used . It is your responsibility to
keep track of due dates and note changes to the schedule. For full credit, provide full answers.
Make up Work: Late homework assignments will receive a zero, but you may have a reprieve
(not a pardon) for occasional lapses. 3 mercy passes will be granted each semester but are
good only the NEXT day. Major projects will drop 10 % each day late. Talk to me before a
problem arises for extenuating circumstances.
PHS policy will apply for EXCUSED absences; please let me know if you will be missing class
for field trips or vacations in advance.
Enrichment Points: Demonstrating Civic Responsibility is the only way to earn extra points
and is limited to once each quarter (due the week before quarter ends). The options, listed on
the next page, are all ways that adults exercise civic responsibility throughout the year, and
good habits to form now.