Residential Construction I Syllabus

Residential Construction I
Teacher: Mr. Gain
Room: C-1
School e-mail: [email protected]
Period: 7
Office Phone: 262-376-5642
Course Objective:
At the end of the course the student will have an understanding of the tools and
aspects of blueprint drawing, rough construction, residential wiring, and plumbing
using the tools of the trade .
Book(s): Carpentry and Building Construction
Author(s): John Feirer Gilbert Hutchings
Mark Feirer
Student needs for the course:
Lab Fee
This will cover:
Wood usage
Miscelaneous i.e. Nails, Adhesives, etc
1" three ring binder
Book cover
Pen for taking notes (not to draw with)
Tape measure (preferably 25 feet)
Safety Glasses (May be purchased in Mr. Hader’s room C-5 before or after school)
Students may need other fees for lost supplies, and broken equipment due to misuse.
Rules of the Lab:
All rules of the student handbook apply. Any disregard for the handbook will be dealt
with disciplinary action according to the handbook
Be to class on time. If you are late more than 3 times you will be asked to make up
time before or after school in the lab.
Tardy penalties are as follows:
First tardy
- Warning
Second tardy - 15 minutes
Third tardy - 30 minutes
Fourth tardy - 45 minutes and phone call to parent or guardian
Fifth + tardies - Referred to office and phone call home
Any notes from parents or guardians excusing a student for being late to class must
include the following: - Student name
- Parent or guardian name
- Admission date to class
- Admission time to class
- Parent or guardian home and work phone number
If you are truant any day you will be referred to the office and time will be given in
the make up time room.
Any unexcused absences will result in failure of tests, homework, and lab work
assigned for that day. If a major project is due the day of an unexcused absence, the
student may turn in the project but will receive a 10 % grade reduction on the project
every day the project is late. Major tests will result in a loss of 10 % of final test grade.
Respect other students and be supportive during lab time.
Listen during lecture and take notes everyday.
Respect the lab and its equipment. Much of it is old and outdated but be thankful we
have the resources we do.
Respect the substitute and Teacher Assistant(s) when I am absent. It is not a time to
“goof off,” it is a time to show me that your are a responsible student.
Stay in your seats at the end of the class period. Do not crowd around the door. Any
student found standing in the hall will not be warned to reenter the room but receive
a detention to be made up before or after school. Never ever quit early or you will fall
behind in the course.
Sign out on the pass properly or you will lose your pass privileges. You will be able to
use the pass 3 times per quarter by turning in your pass releases. Be responsible with
your passes. Any student found in other classrooms, socializing in the halls, or
wandering will lose all pass privileges for the semester. Any student that has unused
pass releases my use them as 2 extra points each on a major project or the final exam.
Swearing will not be tolerated. Any vulgar, profane use of language, or derogatory
comments will result in time before or after school. Any vulgar, profane language, or
derogatory comments towards the instructor, other teachers, or students will result in
a referral to the office.
You will be given homework periodically using the books and resources above. It will
be due on the given due date or suffer a 10% loss on the percentage you received as a
You will be awarded 2 points a day for following all classroom rules.
Be neat and precise with answers or practical work. I will not question a student about
an answer. It will be simply be marked incorrect or a reduction in evaluation for
practical work.
Other detailed rules of basic safety, machine usage, and tool usage will follow as the
course progresses.
Tests and Quizzes :
You will have a test on given dates upon completion of a chapter and quizzes upon
completion of a lesson.
A final exam will be administered to all students upon completion of Residential
Construction I. Any exemptions or absences must be excused by administration, not
the teacher.
97.50 TO 100.00
93.50 TO 97.49
92.50 TO 93.49
89.50 TO 92.49
86.50 TO 89.49
84.50 TO 86.49
82.50 TO 84.49
79.50 TO 82.49
76.50 TO 79.49
74.50 TO 76.49
72.50 TO 74.49
69.50 TO 72.49
Schedule of course is tentative to change due to school events, closings, field trips,
sporting events, or other emergencies.