Classroom Policy

If you are absent on the day:
homework is collected—turn it in at the beginning of the next class period.
homework is assigned—you have 1 day for each day absent plus 1 to turn it in
a quiz or test is administered—you must arrange a time to complete it on your first day
back and have 1 day for each day absent plus 1 to do so
Refer to the Agenda Board when seeking information about what was missed.
For an unexcused absence, missed work is to be made up and will only receive 50%
Extra copies of assignments and homework should be retrieved from your class’s file
Academic Honesty
I expect that you will do your own work. Cheating is unacceptable and will not be
tolerated. Cheating on homework and exams will result in an automatic zero for all persons
involved in addition to a detention..
I expect you to complete all assignments by the due date. Use only perforated paper. Work to be
turned in should be placed in the basket immediately upon arriving to class unless told otherwise.
Follow all school rules in my classroom (ex. no hats, no swearing, no food, no
phones, …).
Be prepared for class when the bell rings.
Be respectful and responsible.
Make eye contact with me when requesting a response.
Cell Phones
1st time—detention and phone surrendered to Mrs. Burris to be held until the end of the school day
2nd time and thereafter—detention and phone surrendered to Mrs. Burris to be retrieved by a parent
or guardian at the end of the school day
Course Credit
 Late assignments are worth 25% of the original grade and must be completed according to the
assignment directions.
 An additional 25% the original grade can be earned if the completed late assignment includes proof of at
least 30 minutes of attendance at an optional tutoring session.
 Late assignments are due before the midterm or quarter end date during which the work was assigned
and those dates are: M1
, Q1
, M2
, Q2
, M3
, Q3
 Failure to meet the deadline will result in a ‘zero’.
 Cheat sheets for semester exams will not be an option for any student with a missing assignment.
Course Description
See Class Syllabus
Extra Credit
See “Incentives”. Pop quizzes and review games are the only opportunities for
extra credit. It would not be a wise decision to rely on extra credit to pass the class.
Categories of assessments and the percentage they represent are indicated on the
class syllabus. The grade you receive is the grade YOU earn.
Hall Passes
Each student is allowed one pass out of my classroom per quarter unless it is an emergency
situation. Any additional hall pass is counted as a tardy. Be sure to use the time between classes as
bathroom opportunities.
Cheat Sheets for semester exam—must be handwritten. No sharing.
0-2 absences = 5” by 8” index card
3-4 absences = 4” by 6” index card
5-6 absences = 3” by 5” index card
>6 absences = no index card
Personal Possessions
Students are not allowed to have book bags, coats, or purses in the classroom as a safety
precaution. If a student must return one of these items to their locker a tardy will be issued.
Supplies can be found in the community drawers or cabinets. Do NOT take items off my desk
unless I can take items from your locker.
No food, candy, or drinks are permitted in the classroom. Gum is allowed under the
following circumstances:
It is not seen or heard.
Wrappers and ABC gum are thrown in the trash.
If you arrive late to class:
1st time:
2 time:
any additional tardies:
*count will begin over for second semester