Teaching as a career syllabus - Geary County Schools USD 475

Junction City Senior High School ~ 2013 – 2014
Family & Consumer Sciences Department
Course: Teaching As A Career
Instructor: Miss Lauren Stewart (Simmons)
Room: 288
Course Description
Teaching as a career is the first course where students will be given the opportunity
to explore working with students in a classroom setting. In the course students will
learn how to plan for instruction, establish a positive learning environment, plan
lessons that address different learning styles, and identify what their
strengths/weaknesses as an instructor are. The students will be placed in a classroom
for a short duration to demonstrate all that they have learned throughout the
Career & Life Planning, Child Growth & Development I (or concurrent enrollment)
Students enrolled in this course will be required to sign-up for the organization
Future Educators of America (FEA). Through this association the students will be
given the opportunity to explore careers in education and also fulfill their activities
requirement for graduation.
Membership Fees: $8.00
Class Supplies
Each student is to come to class with a pen or pencil, and paper each day. Students
will also need to provide a 1” binder for the class materials that will be provided.
These notebooks will be used to evaluate the student’s progress throughout the year.
Method of Grading
& Evaluation
Daily Work /Participation & Homework:
Projects & Quizzes/Tests
Grading Scale
A – 90-100
B – 80-89
C – 70-79
D – 60-69
F – 59 & Below
Attendance &
Make-up Work
Attendance is required at all classes, daily points will be given for each day of class
and cannot be made-up. Students will also be responsible for obtaining any notes or
work that they missed due to their absence, students will need to arrange to meet
with me during seminar or before or after school within 2 school days of their
absence. If late work is not turned in within the 2-day grace period the assignment
will be given a ZERO in the grade book. If the students knows they will be missing
class they may request for any assignments the day before their absence, they then
must turn in the work the day of their return.
School policy will be followed regarding tardies:
1st Tardy – Conference with teacher
2nd Tardy – 15 min. detention with teacher and parent notification
3rd Tardy – referral to Academy Principal for ASD
Class Rules
The 4 main rules for successful learning experience are:
1. Be present and on time.
2. Come prepared.
3. Complete assignments.
4. Respect yourself and others.
Students are expected to act in a professional manner.
Combing hair and general grooming is inappropriate for this classroom.
Be respectful of everyone and everything in this classroom.
Demonstrate teamwork.
Sleeping in class is inappropriate and will result in a loss of participation points
for the day.
Late passes will be issued on an emergency basis only – practice good time
Bottled beverages with lids will be allowed as long as it has a lid on it. Students
are not allowed to bring beverages in that do not have lids. Sodas larger than
20oz are not permitted as well as all energy drinks. Beverage will be poured
down the drain!
All electronic devices (cell phones, etc.) should be turned off/silenced, secured,
and out of sight to prevent confiscation. If students are seen using these devices
in the classroom without permission it will be taken and sent to the office to be
picked up at the end of the day by a parent or guardian.
I am looking forward to a great semester with all of you. Please do not hesitate to contact me any time you
have questions. I will do my best to ensure you are successful in this class and enjoy your experience here at
Miss Lauren Stewart
Family & Consumer Sciences Education
Fine Arts & Human Services
[email protected]
After reading through this syllabus with your guardian, detach, sign and return this portion by next class
period. The syllabus is worth 10 points, if turned in by ______________________ you will receive 10 extra credit
Student Name (Printed) & Signature:______________________________________/______________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name (Printed) & Signature: _______________________________/_________________________________
Parent/Guardian Phone Number/Email Address. (circle which you prefer to be contacted by)
Phone Number: _____________________________________ Email:________________________________________________________