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Mr. Scane
Highland Park High School Physics
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (224) 765-2281
Course Objective:
We will study the interactions between matter and energy through laboratory experiences to
better understand the world around us.
We will study how things work and why things physically do what they do in the real world.
Course Methodology: This course is extremely hands-on and discussion based. Therefore, participation is
essential. Students are expected to actively participate through hands-on experiments and
projects as well as in-depth discussions of concepts.
1) CPO Physics Textbook and Lab Binder (both need to be purchased from the book store
2) Scientific calculators are required everyday, as this is a math-based course, and all work
will require a calculator with trig functions (your calculator used in math will suffice).
3) Spiral notebook and single folder, or small binder with loose paper for notes.
4) All students MUST come to class prepared with basic supplies (Pencil, paper, etc).
Homework assignments may be graded by correct answer only or by simply making an
effort. However, no credit will be given without showing ALL work. I must be able to see
that YOU did the work, and it is also EXTREMELY useful for determining any problems
you may be having. I do encourage collaborating on homework (Homework Club, etc.).
Homework will only be given as needed, however, it is highly recommended that time be
spent every night reviewing materials, notes, etc. Typically, there should be sufficient time
to complete assignments in class if remaining on task.
15% Assignments
Homework, Classwork, etc.
30% Labs
1-2 per week
20% Quizzes
Every Wednesday, returned by Thursday
20% Tests
Assigned after major Units, roughly quarterly
Projects & Presentations
Assigned quarterly
10% Community Membership
Daily Growth, Participation, Attendance, etc.
All percentages are tentative and subject to change.
We will follow the Highland Park grading scale of:
93%-100% = A
90%-92% = A87%-89% = B+
83%-86% = B
80%-82% = B77%-79% = C+
73%-76% = C
70%-72% = C67%-69% = D+
63%-66% = D
60%-62% = DSemester Grades:
40% for 1st Quarter
40% for 2nd Quarter
20% for Final Exam
Late Work:
There is a “Zero-Zeroes” policy in my classroom. There will never be a time where it is
acceptable to not complete (or at least try) your work. If an assignment is not completed on
time, you will serve an automatic Lunch-Period Detention to complete the assignment. The
assignment is then due to me or in my mailbox before the next class. Failure to serve the
detention and submit the missing work will result in a Saturday Detention.
Authorized Absences: Students will be allowed to turn in assignments 1 day for every 1 day of EXCUSED
absence!!! Wednesday quizzes must be made up the first day back. Labs//tests (due to
EXCUSED absences only) may be made up by the end of the week (or following Monday
if a Friday absence), or by special agreement only. HPHS Audit policies will apply to all
excessive authorized absences.
Tardies and Cuts:
Being tardy to class is completely unacceptable. If you are over 5 minutes late you will
serve an automatic Lunch-Period Detention. If you are less than 5 minutes late you will
receive ONE warning, followed by a Lunch-Period Detention for any second tardy. All
Unauthorized absences will be handled through the Dean’s Office. HPHS Audit policies
will apply to all excessive unauthorized absences.
Throughout the year, you will find targets (goals) that are unit-specific as well as those that
repeat throughout the year. Unit-specific targets are listed at the beginning of each unit in
your binder. Year-long process targets are as follows:
I can measure using appropriate accuracy and precision of different
I can convert measurements into and out of standard SI units.
I can calculate and round answers using correct significant digits.
I can use the problem solving method (determine givens, unknowns, choose
appropriate equations, substitute, solve, make sense).
I can rearrange and solve algebraic equations.
I can determine correct units through factor-label unit analysis.
I can gather and record data (organized into appropriate data tables).
I can distinguish between relationships that are directly proportional v.
inversely proportional.
I can express and interpret data using graphs both hand and computer generated
(create a scale, plot points, draw best-fit line/curve, analyze trend).
I can present experimental findings through formal lab write-ups.
I can, given only a purpose, create a lab using experimental design.
I can analyze data/answers to see if they make sense.
I can read a problem or information and represent it mathematically,
graphically, or summarize its meaning.
I will make every effort to update grades to Infinite Campus as often as possible.
Feedback from quizzes and tests will likely be the following day.
Feedback from most assignments will be the same day they are due.
Labs will likely take longer for feedback due to their length.
It is highly recommended that returned assignments be saved in your binder and this
feedback be used to study for future assessments.
*No student shall earn credit with excessive absences (excused or unexcused) or tardies. We will follow the school
policies in your planner regarding Attendance so read it over CAREFULLY!!!
**No student shall pass if caught cheating in any way! We will follow the school policies in your planner regarding
Academic Honesty.
***During this course, as with all lab-based courses, your safety is imperative! Please be aware of your
surroundings and use common sense!!! Remember, you signed the lab safety CONTRACT!
****You will only get out of this course what you put into to it. It’s always easy to drift through life; it’s a lot
harder to step up to a challenge with self-motivation!!! Only you can choose to grow as a learner!
Remember the 2 Fundamental Expectations for this course!
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