May 18, 2016

Facilities Services Weekly Update Meeting
9:30 am
Attendance: Kelli, Pat, Daryl, Rick, Drew, Kevin K, Kevin T, Fred, Jessica, Ron
1. Current Projects
a. Gazebo
i. Shared the image of the gazebo and discussed the funding.
ii. Ron has been working with Larry with the company- possible to start 6/20 and
will take 2-2.5 days to install. There are 5 benches with the possibility of adding
iii. East side of Graichen- 2 trees need to be removed (PLCL has been contracted to
remove these trees. Working with Wick on the concrete work, Hi-Line Electric
with the electrical work (will be donating their time for this project. Aggregate
will also be giving us a break on the concrete, Wick may also donate some of
their labor.
1. There will be a handicap ramp and the concrete will tie into our
sidewalk system.
iv. There is a need to have WiFi in the gazebo- will run conduit- use the
underground tube that goes to Foss. Will set us up for any future projects on
the front lawn.
b. Vangstad
i. Covers in classrooms- Need to have a more permanent solution- so the wires
are covered, but are easily accessible. Get a deco cover plate and leave the
cables hanging out of it.
ii. 11, double- gang plates, stainless steel- will use the project funding. There is
one that is three-gang. Will put in a work order to replace them.
iii. There is still 18 pages of punch-list to do.
1. As part of this the valance will be taken care of.
c. Wellness Center
i. We will have to lose the storage bins to make way for the new road.
d. Heat Plant
i. Will keep IT informed when this is happening. There is a line item in the budget
for IT. CJ has been working with the contractor throughout the entire planning
ii. House demo started (2 houses down). Will need to notify staff on the 3rd house
so they don’t park on the street.
e. Housing
i. Mythaler Head Start Card Access
1. Done – one more to pick up (Ron will take care of it)
ii. Snoey/McCoy Steam
1. No updates
iii. Check-out/Work Orders
1. Will enter the work orders as sheets get turned in
a. Received from Susan, Caroline and Scott
Summer Projects
i. Student Center Upper Lounge
1. Will start Monday
2. Will be replacing the ceiling in the Upper Lounge- Joey may want to look
at tying off cables. Pat will let Joey know when this part of the project
3. Lights were ordered, waiting to talk to Dennis about the ceiling tile.
ii. McF 2nd Floor Painting
1. In progress.
iii. Student Center Heat Coil & Water Tank
1. Waiting on contract from Keith’s
iv. Circle Hall Interior
1. On hold.
v. Library bathroom sink and counter
1. Will be doing in-house (Daryl and Drew)
g. McFarland Stabilization
i. Working on the plans (demo and reconstructing in both classrooms)
h. McFarland Reconfiguration
i. New Offices (x2) (319)
1. Ready to bid out. A false wall will be put up in front of the kitchenette
area. Closets will stay open. A new wall will be built to divide the area.
2. Furniture move to 132 (temp)
ii. New Lounge (139)
1. On hold.
iii. Other Moves (can all be done at one time):
1. Amy Fugelstad to the CAVE (Vangstad)
2. Greg Vanney to 208A
3. Mark Potts to 210
4. New marketing position to 208
a. All cores to be moved EXCEPT for Amy Fugelstad- she will need
to get a Vangstad key.
iv. NEW Class/Conf. Room (126 & 128)
1. This is on hold at this time- still under discussion.
i. Circle Hall Elevator
i. In progress- should be done 5/25 or 5/30
j. Athletic Project
i. Hall of Fame Room
a. Currently a classroom and will be turned into a meeting room.
b. Doorway will get covered up and will sheetrock all of the walls.
Want a cabinet in the corner to run all of the IT. (Modeled after
the Alumni Room)
i. Remove the teaching console.
c. Involve Joey when they make the decision of which option they
want to go with.
d. Wesley will find someone to be the Athletic liaison to come to
this meeting and help to make decisions.
ii. Football Locker Room
1. In progress.
iii. Egress Walkway
1. A camera will be added to this area
iv. Gym Floor
1. Starting 6/26- sand it down and repaint
v. Graichen Projects (to start after HPE moves out- Fall/Winter)
1. Hallway (new doors, paint)
2. Weight Room (old weight room)
3. Locker Rooms (005- Bb, 006- SB) likely do it over fall/Christmas break
a. Currently classrooms will be turned into locker rooms for
softball and baseball
k. Flood Wall
i. Work started 5/16 as planned
l. Back Alley
i. Dirt work
1. Waiting on estimate.
ii. Striping
1. On hold.
a. The legislators will be on campus June 7-8
a. TLAB- still not needed to do double entries, we will continue to use FAMIS
b. Student entries are still under discussion
Building Services
a. Reminder to start watering around buildings
b. New building services person will start June 1 – Even Lago
c. Can lights in Rhoades (2) – Ron and Fred will take a look after lunch
a. Next week will finish up list that came from Larry for when legislators are here
b. Watering will be happening soon. Need to test the new line and then should be good to
Power House
a. Turn a/c back on – all heat is off now.
b. Cleaning the boiler now and getting inventory of mechanical things.