`Achieving knowledge driven results`

'Achieving knowledge driven results'
A global perspective
Country results, interpreting the WB 2012 'Measuring Knowledge in the World's
Proposing a Knowledge Driven Results Framework and tools
In this presentation, Ron Young will share his global perspective for the need to focus on
knowledge driven, measurable results. He will discuss developments in this area, especially
better ‘knowledge asset management’ and present a framework for assessing the KM maturity
levels for individuals, teams, organisations and inter-organisational networks.
Ron Young has also followed closely, analysed and interpreted the World Bank reports for
‘Measuring Knowledge in the World’s Economies’. He will interpret country results and make
recommendations from his analysis of the World Bank 2012 report.
As a result of his consulting work, around the world, he will present and propose a “Knowledge
Driven Results Framework’ to help organisations and institutions better understand, measure and
report, on the impact that effective knowledge management can have, directly, on achieving