Valentine’s Day 100th Day of School! Scottish Corners Elementary

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Scottish Corners Elementary
January 29, 2016
Valentine’s Day
Looking ahead to February, I want to let you
know some important things about Valentine’s
Day. Friday, February 12th will be our
Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Card
Exchange. The kids and I will decorate
Valentine’s boxes, exchange cards, and have a
1) Please send your child to school with a
shoebox ALREADY wrapped in plain paper.
We will be decorating these boxes here at
school as part of our activities on the 12th. The
box should either be able to open at the top or
have a hole cut into it so the kids can put cards
2) If your child is bringing Valentines to pass
out, they need to have one for everyone in the
class – 23 children in AM and 22 children
in PM. There is no need to write individual
student’s names on the cards; your child can
just sign his or her name so friends will know
whom it is from. This year, we are
requesting that no cards come in with
any edible treat. As you know, we have some
tricky food allergies in class, and we need to
ensure that each child is completely safe. For
100th Day of School!
The 100th day of school has finally come. We will
be celebrating this exciting day on Friday
February 5th. Our day will consist of math games
using the number 100, writing activities, coloring
activities and exercises all with the number 100 in
I would like each child to bring in a collection of
100 small objects from home to share on Friday,
February 5th. Be as creative as you want and
have your child help to count the items as they
prepare to bring them to school. We have been
working on counting by 5’s and 10’s at school, so
having them use this strategy to count their
collection would be helpful.
For those struggling to decide what to bring, here
are some ideas to help;(buttons, pasta, coins,
toothpicks, marbles, Legos, Barbie shoes, etc.)
Please have your child write his/her name on the
collection so that I can make sure they get back
to the correct home.
Looking Ahead
Monday 2/1:
Timelines Due
Tuesday 2/2:
AM Library
PM Library
that reason, please send only cards--no
candy or treats attached to them.
Wednesday 2/3:
3. If you are interested in donating any supplies
Thursday 2/4:
to help us decorate our boxes (stickers, sticky
foam pieces, etc.) we would greatly appreciate
Friday 2/5:
Day of School
**Scholastic Book Orders Due**