Newsletter (Feb 3-7)

Second Grade’s
Feb. 3-7, 2015,
Classroom News
Valentine’s Day Parties: Will be
Friday, February 13th. Be looking
out for emails to help with this if
you’d like; time is TBD. A class list
will be emailed out for Valentine’s
Day cards if you’d like to
participate in that exchange.
Volunteers: If you’d like to help in
the classroom in any way please
just let us know!
I.B. Unit of Inquiry
Where We Are In Place and Time– What makes a
home? We are furthering this development in the
classroom in our writing and school activities by
looking into our own homes, homes in nature, and
encouraging student-led inquiry on homes and
Language Arts- Character Traits; Long e sound for
Y/changing y to I; The verb “to be” (linking verbs vs.
action verbs); Writing Descriptive Paragraphs.
Spelling – See Spelling List (Star Folder on Mondays)
Homework “Tic-Tac-Toe” is on the back
Math – Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers Using Dimes and
Pennies Part; Sub 6, Solving by Guessing & Checking;
Covering Design w Tangram Pieces; Writing # Sentences to
Show Equal Groups, Multiplying by 10 )
READING Homework- Please remember to read
with your child every night and initial the Reading Log!
February 4th – Green Apple Banking Day (College Shirt with Jeans)
February 9th- Literacy Night 5:30 PTA Meeting, 6:00 Literacy Night
February 13th- Valentine’s Day Parties
Teacher Info:
Mariesther Flores (bilingual);
Veronica Laney;
Susan Stephenson;
Meagan Tanton