New transformer for Foziling hydropower station delivered in record time

New transformer for Foziling hydropower
station delivered in record time
In an impressively short time, the Siemens transformer
factory in Wuhan, China, (STWH) recently delivered an
110-kV/10-MVA transformer for the Foziling hydropower
station in Huoshan County in the Chinese province of
Anhui. A transformer there, which had operated for
almost 30 years, suddenly burned up. It urgently needed
to be replaced to ensure power generation during the
upcoming summer months, which mark the peak period
of hydroelectric power demand. The customer had very
specific requirements for the delivery of the product, and
only three days passed from the price offer to signing the
contract. Now another transformer had to be engineered,
manufactured, and delivered within just 60 days – at a
time when the pressure on the factory’s existing capacity
was already exceptionally high. This was a severe test
for STWH in all areas, from design, procurement, and
production to project management and quality and cost
Everything had to run smoothly during all project phases
in order to ensure on-time completion of the project. The
customer, sales, engineering, manufacturing, logistics,
and all other involved parties worked very quickly and
very precisely to reach this goal, and finally it took only
64 days from signing the contract to the arrival of the
transformer at the project site. That set a record for the
shortest delivery time by STWH, and it demonstrates
the excellence of Siemens’ global transformer factory
network as well as the team based in Wuhan.
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