Class Expectations for Intro to Business

Introduction to Business
Teacher: Ms. Seid ([email protected])
Contact Information: (973)-535-8000 ext. 5674
Extra help hours in C250: 7:15-7:45am & 2:41-3:00pm
What Will I Learn in This Class?
Introduction to Business is designed to provide students with a background in business and
business management. This course includes a study in the global economic environment,
business organization and management, and business operations and technology. Careers
in business are investigated through hands-on computer experience and mock business
simulation projects. This course will fulfill the Personal Financial Literacy state-mandated
graduation requirement.
What Do I Need?
For this class, you will need:
 Binder/Notebook
 Folder
 Pen/Pencil
 Good Attitude
Class Expectations
Students are expected to abide by the Livingston Public Schools 2015-2016
Student/Parent Handbook rules and attendance policy. Attendance in this class is
necessary and part of the school requirement to receive credit. I will be adhering to the
Livingston Public Schools policy by notifying parents of any excessive absences
throughout the school year. Students are expected to adhere to these guidelines to receive
credit for this course.
The following classroom expectations have been established to maintain the highest level
of learning experience for each student:
1. Students will be in their assigned seats when the bell rings and stay seated until
released (not when the bell rings).
2. Be prepared for each class and bring a pen or pencil, notebook with paper, and
any teacher requested materials.
3. Be respectful to everyone in the class. Refrain from “calling out”, “talking” out
of turn and interrupting the classroom lesson.
4. Follow directions the first time they are given.
5. Sign in/out when leaving the classroom to go to another destination AFTER
getting permission to leave the room.
6. Cell phones and other electronic devices ARE NOT allowed during class. Cell
phones must be put away and not left charging in the classroom.
7. Place backpacks/large bags against the back wall to maintain clear aisles.
8. NO food or drinks are allowed in the computer lab.
How Will I Be Graded?
You will be graded based on a variety of means:
Test/Quizzes – Given periodically on class notes and reading assignments
Cases/Business Articles
All projects, assignments, quizzes and tests will be assigned a specific number of points
based on the size and complexity of the task. Your grade will be determined by dividing
the total number of points you’ve earned by the total number of point available. There
will be NO extra credit given in this course.
Make-up Work
If absent, 1-2 days, work must be made up within 2 days of return.
If absent, 3 days or more, work must be made up within 5 days of return.
Check my Teacher Website for missed assignments and notes.
Signing out of the Classroom
Only ONE person at a time is allowed to leave the room. You MUST ASK
teacher permission and must sign out PROPERLY, COMPLETELY and
Repeated use during the same period will result in teacher/student discussion.
Abuse of bathroom privilege will be reported to parents.
Let’s Have a Great Year!