Course Expectations

AP United States History
2010 – 2011
Mr. Totman
Course Description
AP United States History is a year-long course intended to prepare you for the AP exam
in U.S. History and give you an overview of the people and events that aided in creating
the nation in which we live in today. APUSH will cover from early exploration and
colonization of America through the present.
Course Requirements
At least five major grades (tests or papers) each semester.
Unannounced quizzes covering daily reading assignments.
Daily reading and assignments.
I expect that you will take the United States History Advanced Placement exam in May.
This course is designed to provide you with the concepts, skills and knowledge necessary
for the examination. I cannot promise, however, that every fact that could possibly
be placed on the exam will be discussed in class. Much of the preparation depends
If you choose not to take the AP exam in May you will be required to take a final
exam for this course. For those participating in the exam in May, there will be no
official final. There will be further a continuation of the course until the end of the
school year.
I will use a percentage system in this course much like you have had in other classes.
Assignments will be worth 20%, quizzes are 30%, and exams are worth 50%.
*Newman and Schmalbach United Staes History: Preparing For The Advanced
Placement Examination
Bailey, Kennedy and Cohen The American Pageant
Bailey and Kennedy
The American Spirit Vol. I and II
Other material will be used, but given out as occasions dictate.
You will obviously need a notebook for this course. Use whatever style that works best
for you. I cannot give you a better piece of advice in doing well in this class than to keep
the notebook neat and organized. Do not throw things out. Everything becomes
invaluable in your preparation for the AP exam in May. I encourage you to maintain
sections for class notes, reading notes, syllabi, various handouts, and returned
General Expectations
Show up on time
Come to class prepared with work that you have completed on your
own!! Have academic integrity and high expectations of yourself!!
Contribute to class discussion
Be respectful of others
Keep up with the reading!! Do not fall behind; you will have tremendous
difficulty trying to catch back up!!
Take responsibility for yourself and your learning!!
We cannot possibly discuss in class everything that could be put on the AP
exam. Much of the burden of mastering the content will be placed on you, the
individual student. I never want to hear, “There was stuff on the test that we
didn’t talk about in class!” If it is in any material you are provided with it is
fair game for exams.
Additional Food For Thought
Learn to take good notes. Effective note-taking is a skill that you can teach
yourself. Hint: Some of the “pop” quizzes may be open-note, therefore,
taking notes on nightly readings is a brilliant idea.
You are responsible for any work covered when you are absent.
Late work is reduced in grade by ten points a day. Anything past due by five
days will not be accepted. Computer problems are an unacceptable excuse for
late work.
*Become enthusiastic about US History!! Our past is full of amazing
people, incredible events, and tremendously deep ideas!!*