Welcome Class - Lancaster City Schools

Welcome Class!
Math Applications Room #200
Lancaster High School
Mr. Justin Rysz 740-681-7500 x6583
[email protected]
Classroom Attendance
We will follow school policy and The Student Code of Conduct. You
expect our best, and we expect your best. Be an active participant and
willing to try. Being on time and prepared for class is a great start.
Daily Materials
Pencil or Pen
Notebook for notes and homework
3-ring binder for returned work and any other permanent worksheets
Loose-leaf paper for work to be turn in on
Textbook: Expect to bring it with a book cover
Graphing Calculator (Ti-83 plus)
this is not an inclusive list
Announced and Pop Quizzes
Announced Test
Quarterly Projects
Budget project
Semester and Final Exams
The budget project will be worth 25% of your quarter grade. The
completion and correctness of weekly budget sheets will be worth 20%
and the savings worksheet will be worth 5%
The other 75% of your grade will come from the other assignments which
will not be weighted and is just graded on a point system.
Homework Policy
Some homework assignments will be collected and graded on
correctness, others homework will be graded on completion.
Homework will be passed forward and collected at the begging of class,
unless mentioned otherwise. Homework will be graded on completion.
Each homework will be worth 4 points. i.e.
If 100% of homework is done, 4 points
75% of homework is done, 3 points
50% of homework is done, 2 points
25% of homework is done, 1 point
No homework, no grade
Everyday each homework assignment is late, 1 point will be deducted.
If you did not have your homework, you MUST fill out an excuse form or
you WILL receive a before or after school classroom detention.
I will keep track of each homework assignment that is collected and once
you have 10 (ten), 4-point homework in a row, you will receive one
homework pass. You can use the homework pass for a 4 on any
homework assignment or 4 bonus points on any test or quiz.
All missing work and assignments must be turned in the first day you get
back. You will be required to turn in the work and the assignments from
the day that you were gone AND the work due from the first day back.
Example: If you went to school on Monday and were absent on Tuesday.
You are required to turn in Monday’s homework on Wednesday and
required to turn in Tuesday’s AND Wednesday’s homework on Thursday.
Be prepared to take test and quizzes on your first day back. Mr. Rysz will
make any exception.
An unexcused absence will be treated like you were in the class that day
and did not do anything.
Remember this is Mr. Rysz’s classroom, so I have the right and the power to
make any and all changes whenever I like to the rules.
2 Largest Reason For Failure
1) Attendance
2) Homework
Just by coming to class and doing your homework will save you from any
major trouble.