Algebra 1 (8th Grade)

Sixth Grade Pull-Out Math
Course Description
Text: Pre-Algebra by Glencoe-McGraw Hill
Online at
Password: F7972EA567
Welcome to Math Pull-Out 6! (It’s a rather non-descript name for an exciting class.) This course is
designed to give students that excel in mathematics an opportunity to study above their grade level and to
explore higher level problem solving. The goal of our study is for you to develop an appreciation for math
and its applications in the real world along with the skills to solve problems independently and as part of a
cooperative group. In short, we want you to “think mathematically”!
The core content of the 6th Grade Pull-Out course will introduce you to the language and symbolism of
algebra; help you to develop skill in operations using rational numbers; present the connection between
equations and their corresponding visual representation on a graph; and help you use probability and
statistics to make predictions.
Each student should maintain a three-ring-binder that contains three sections: One section for daily notes
and supplemental materials, a second for completed homework, and a third for returned tests and quizzes.
Homework will be assigned daily and is due, in most cases, at the beginning of class the next day.
Assignments completed in pencil with necessary work shown will be given a full credit of 3 points; partially
completed assignments will be given marks according to the amount and quality of the work. A late
homework assignment, except in case of illness or excused absence, will receive half-credit and must be
turned in before the corresponding chapter test.
Assignments for each week will be posted in the
classroom and on the Power School and Brownell web sites.
Students are expected arrive in class on-time prepared with textbook, notebook, pencil and scientific
calculator. Active participation in class discussions, problem solving activities, and small group work is
encouraged. Respect for all classmates and their questions and contributions is mandatory.
Grading Scale:
Student grades will be determined from a combination of test and quiz scores, homework and notebook
checks, project grades, and marks for class participation and attentiveness.
50 %
15 %
Tests and Quizzes
Projects/Group Work
Please feel free to contact me with concerns or questions:
[email protected] / 556-3772, ext. 234/ 551-6154 (home)