Homework Policy

Math 122A – 010
Mrs. Sandler
Functions for Calculus
Homework Policy
Homework will be assigned regularly – assignments will include review material as well as
assignments from your textbook. Homework is an essential component of the course and will
help to prepare you for the exam. The assignments will require you to not only solve problems,
but to also explain your method of solving using clearly written sentences.
In addition there will be several brief unannounced quizzes that will be taken directly from the
homework problems. They will be graded as a homework assignment.
At the end of semester, I will drop two lowest scores of your homework/quizzes before
averaging your scores. Because of this, I will NOT accept ANY late homework regardless of
any reason! If you must miss the class, I recommend that you find a way to get your homework
to me on time. If you miss two assignments/quizzes, they will count as your drops; the next
missed one will be graded with a ZERO.
The total homework/quiz score (with WebAssign) is worth 50 points.
1. Be neat, orderly, and well organized. You may use both sides of the paper.
2. Label the top of your paper with your name, class, and the section number for the
problem set.
3. Clearly number the problems in the left margin going down the page.
4. Circle or box your answers so they stand out.
5. Skip a line or two between problems so it is clear where a problem starts and ends.
6. Supportive work must be shown in order to get credit! “Solutions” might be worth
more than “answers”.
7. Homework papers must be stapled together. No paper clips, please! I will NOT collect
unstapled homework – don’t lose points for this reason!
8. Every problem should be solved. This means that you don’t start doing your homework
an hour before it is due. Start earlier and you’ll be able to go to office hours or the
tutoring (ThinkTank) to get help if you need it.
9. Most important, you are strongly encouraged to discuss homework problems with tutors,
your classmates, and me, but all answers must be your own. Cheating is not the way
you learn anything.