Linear Algebra - Springfield Public Schools

Welcome to Linear Algebra with Mr. Briard!!!
This course is designed to prepare you to meet the academic standards set by the Minnesota Department
of Education for linear algebra (grade 8). Calculators may be used during special times and I recommend
that you purchase a scientific calculator. (A scientific calculator is one that has the SIN, COS, and
TAN keys on it. Most scientific calculators will be labeled as being scientific.)
Honesty: Do what’s right regardless who’s around.
Respect: Be respectful to the people and property around you.
Responsibility: Be on time to class and have all necessary class materials.
Effort: Give your best without giving up or giving in.
1) All school handbook policies will be followed.
2) When you come to class you are to make sure that you have your math book, math notebook, at least
one sharpened pencil, calculator, and any homework that is due.
3) You need to be in the classroom on time, in your seat and using a very quiet voice before class starts.
4) Pencil sharpening, bathroom breaks, drinks of water, etc. can take place during your four minute
break between classes. These should never take place during an explanation part of the class unless it is
an extreme emergency. Any other type of disruption that interrupts the learning process for anyone is
not welcome at anytime.
DAILY ASSIGNMENTS: Daily assignments will be critical to your success in this class. We will
correct the assignment in class and record the total points correct. People who must attend a band lesson
need to; a) let me know in advance, and b) correct their assignment, and pick up their new assignment
before going to their lesson. They are responsible for what they missed and the assignment is due the
next day.
NOTEBOOK GRADES: I will check the notebook each chapter for: neatness & organization; key
terms, notes & examples; work shown; and completeness.
93-100 A
83-86 B
90-92 A80-82 B87-89 B+
77-79 C+
63-66 D
C60-62 DD+
When figuring quarter grades, I will take your daily assignment points and count them as 10% of your
grade, your homework notebooks will count as 10% of your grade, your quiz percent average counting as
25% of your grade, and your test percent average the remaining 55% of your grade. On homework
students may get assistance, where as on tests and quizzes they are on their own. Therefore, it is logical
that the tests and quizzes be weighted heavier to reflect the student’s actual performance in the course.
 Have a positive attitude and be organized. Studies show that these will account for about 75% of your
 Do your daily work. Assignments will be given nearly every day. When you do your homework you are
practicing and learning for the quizzes and tests. The effort you put into your practice can really pay off
or the lack of effort may cause you to make mistakes when it counts.
 Thinking should always happen before pressing buttons. Calculators are very important tools in this
class, but your ability to estimate and do mental math will benefit you greatly.
 Ask Questions. There is no poor question and in almost all cases there are other students who have the
same question that you do. A simple hand raise and question can go a long way.
 Feel free to come in and get some individual help. I will be available almost every morning from 7:408:05 and during my prep time 5th hour.