7th Grade Health Syllabus

7th Grade Health
Summary: In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn about multiple health
topics that relate to your life. We will discuss topics such as current health issues,
physical fitness, nutrition, social health, mental health, alcohol, tobacco, and other
● Treat everyone and everything with respect.
● Respect everyone’s thoughts, questions, and opinions in discussions.
● No side conversations.
● Bring folder, notebook, assignments, and writing utensils to class every day.
● Stay on topic when we go into small group and large group discussions.
● If you have a question about your grade or how you can improve… Talk to Mr.
● If you are gone, it is your responsibility to get your work done. (Band lessons
Grades: You will be graded on tests, participation, in-class assignments, homework,
and quizzes. You are expected to have your homework turned in on time.
Grading Scale:
89.5 - 100 = A
79.5 - 89.4 = B
69.5 - 79.4 = C
59.5 - 69.4 = D
59.4 or ⇓ = F