9th Grade World History - PVS

9th Grade World History
Mrs. McCarthy
Room 713
[email protected]
Cell 868-5641 Text only
School ext: 8713
Course Description: This course is a comprehensive study of World History, which
includes a broad history of humankind, with a concentrated focus from the Middle Ages
to present day. Students are introduced to cultural, economic, political and social
developments that played a fundamental role in shaping the world in which they now
Methods: Cooperative learning activities, in-class and out of class research projects,
analytical readings, homework assignments, note-taking, quizzes and tests.
Keys to Success:
1. Complete all reading assignments.
2. Take notes during class and participate in class discussions.
3. Study for all Tests and Quizzes.
4. Come to class. If you know you will miss a day, please let me know ahead of
time so we can make the proper arrangements for homework and tests. If possible
have a friend or guardian stop in and pick up any homework you may have
missed. It is your responsibility to get your homework assignments when you
are gone and to turn them in on time.
5. If you do all these things, you will do well in this class.
1. Students will be in class on time or they will be tardy.
2. Students must bring all of their materials (textbook, notebook, planner,
assignments, pens, pencil, highlighter, etc.) to class everyday.
3. Students will refrain from writing on desks, walls, or anything else that does
not belong to them.
4. Students will leave the room the way they entered it. All waste will be thrown
away or recycled.
5. Students will respect everyone in the classroom. Intolerant or disrespectful
remarks, gestures, or noises regarding other people’s views, beliefs, opinions, or
lifestyle is not acceptable behavior in our classrooms.
6. Students will listen and give their full undivided attention when the teacher or
another peer is speaking. This includes refraining from annoying behaviors, like
tapping/clicking pens and pencils and making rude sounds or noises.
7. Students will raise their hand when they have a question, want to speak, or
need to get out of their seat.
8. Students will also follow all the rules and guidelines in the student handbook.
1. Students will get a minor infraction on a PVS Office Referral Form for the
following: not following directions, excessive talking, bothering others, tardiness,
disruptive, being disrespectful, and inappropriate language. This is a warning.
2. After a second minor a parent phone call will be made.
3. Students will get a major infraction on a PVS Office Referral Form for the
following: abusive language, fighting, harassment, disruption leading to
interruption in instruction or safety, theft, vandalism, possession of firearm or
tobacco, and 3rd minor. Student will be sent to his or her Dean and parent will
be contacted, which may lead to a detention, Saturday school, ISS, or OSS.
45% Formative Assessments (Quizzes)
Reading Quizzes: Can retake most reading quizzes for full credit, but student must
complete the required review session determined by instructor. Original quiz must be
signed by review teacher after completion of review session. In addition, all homework
must be complete and on time in order to retake any formative assessment.
45% Summative Assessments (Tests and Projects)
Note: Mrs. McCarthy has a policy of -10% for each day an assessment is turned in late.
10% Participation
The grading scale percentages go as follows:
59% and below