Physical Science

Physical Science
Renae Lewis
Physical Science is a year long course that is designed for students to learn beginning chemistry and
physics principles through laboratory experiences which focus on proper technique and data analysis.
Students will demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of the scientific principles outlined
by the Idaho State Science Standards.
After successfully completing a year of physical science students will be able to:
 Follow lab instructions and critically analyze data.
 Demonstrate how scientists use inquiry and technology to conduct scientific investigations.
 Develop scientific explanations based on knowledge, logic and data analysis.
 Understand the structure and function of matter and explain its interactions.
 Develop a basic understanding of the concepts of motion and forces.
 Explain why the total energy in the universe is constant
Instructional Materials
Physical Science (McLaughlin,Thomas and Zyke) published by Glencoe
Required Materials:
colored pencils
pen or pencil
Class Rules:
Come to class on time and prepared to work
Keep your lab and your hands clean (wash both at the end of the hour)
Respect the environment you are in (this includes yourself, those around you and the equipment
you are using).
 The scientific method and the metric system
 Matter
 Phases and phase changes
 Chemical properties of matter
 Mixtures, elements and compounds
 Structure of the atom and atomic models
 The periodic table
 Chemical bonding and chemical reactions
 Radioactivity
 Velocity and momentum
 Force and Newton's Laws of Motion
 Gravity
 Forces in fluids
Work will be assigned regularly and should be completed during the class period when help is available.
Homework will consist of work that was not completed in class and specific homework assignments
(problem solving, reading, essay writing, etc.).
COME TO CLASS PREPARED! If you are absent, it is your responsibility to determine the missed
assignments and complete the work. You will have one day for each day absent to complete the missed
work. All work and homework assignments must be turned in by the due date or it drops to 50%. LATE
WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER TWO DAYS. If you foresee a problem for a particular
assignment, speak with me to make alternate arrangements. Each week students are given a
participation grade of eight points (two points a day), based on getting to class on time and prepared and
willingness to work once there. At the end of the semester, this grade is equivalent to approximately a
test grade and a half. It is designed to help boost the grades of students who actively participate but
might have a low test score throughout the semester.
The last portion of assessment comes from tests and quizzes. Exams will be given at the end of each
unit. Before each test, study guides are given out and class time is allotted to complete them. Tests are
generally announced at least a week in advance to allow for extra prep time.
Points are distributed in approximately the following manner:
* Labs/Projects/Homework
* Tests/Quizzes
* Participation
A = 100 – 90%
B = 89 – 80%
C = 79 – 70%
D = 69 – 60%
Anything below a 60% is considered failing.