Grading Policy

Grade 5
Math Grading Policy
Each trimester grade with be determined using a “total points” formula. Points will be
earned through tests, quizzes, homework, and class participation.
Tests will typically be given at the end of each unit. You will know about a week in
advance of a test date and will be given a study guide to help you prepare. You
should make sure to take clear notes in class and hold onto your worksheets from
class and homework. If you are absent, you should come to me before or after
school or ask a friend for any notes that you missed. This will make studying much
Quizzes will be given intermittently throughout each unit. You will typically have a
day or two of notice before each quiz, but some quizzes will be given without
warning. If you review your notes each night and ask questions in class you will be
more than prepared for quizzes.
Expect to be given math homework every night. I will be posting the answers to your
homework assignments each night on my website. Part of your homework will be to
check your work to see if you got the correct answer. If you did not you should see if
you can figure out what you did wrong. If you can’t figure it out, then you can ask
me the next day in class to review it.
The answers I display will not include the work used to arrive at the answer. When you
bring your homework to school, it must include the work you used to solve the
problem. You will not receive credit for homework that does not include the work.
Occasionally, I will collect the homework and count it as a quiz grade. This will be
done without warning, so make sure you always include your work to receive the
credit you deserve.
It is easy to receive full credit for class participation. Here is what it takes:
Come to class prepared (notebook, pencils, dry-erase markers, completed
Take notes when instructed
Use your time wisely while working on class assignments
Participate in class discussions by sharing your thoughts and asking questions
Work cooperatively in group activities or when playing games