8th Grade Parent Night

Wendy Wax Gellis
90 minutes of homework per night.
The 4 core classes will split this time, 20 minutes
per class in most cases with a 10 minute cushion.
You should expect homework every night,
Monday through Thursday.
Honor/additional classes = additional homework
Students could use additional time and weekends
to review material, study, read, and/or work on
long term assignments.
Please help us out by checking the homework
websites and the student planner so you can
oversee the homework.
Students are expected to turn their work in on time
◦ Science
 no late homework accepted (homework is usually to study)
 projects go down one letter per day late
◦ Math
 no late homework accepted
 projects go down one letter grade each day they are late
◦ History
 1/2 credit for all late homework and projects
◦ English
 1/2 credit for homework assignments worth less than 30 points
 Students only get 2 days to turn-in late work for assignments
worth less than 30 points)
 projects and essays (and all work worth 30 or more points) go
down one letter grade each day they are late
For Quizzes
◦ Quizzes may be given any day for any class.
For Tests and Projects
Fridays and occasional Mondays
Mondays and Wednesdays
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Liz Cowgill
Middle School Counselor
Your child must:
◦ Pass both semesters of math
◦ Pass both semesters of English
◦ Have no more than two “F” grades combined on
his/her final semester report cards (January and/or
◦ Pass the 8th grade Constitution Test given in
◦ Successfully complete the 8th grade service
learning project to be communicated in detail
◦ Be clear of any debts owed to the school such as
overdue library books, lost or damaged textbooks,
musical instrument repairs, etc.
Katy Lapajne
JuliaCheri Hoos
JuliaCheri Hoos
Students as CITIZENS…
All 8th grade students take the exam during
their 2nd period class.
The exam is given on the Tuesday before
Thanksgiving (this year – 11/23)
The exam is 100 objective questions.
Passing is 70 or more correct answers.
After school study sessions will start at the
beginning of November.
200 flash cards (3x5 or 4x6)
◦ Master list of study questions should be given out
Friday, 10/15.
◦ If you have a printer that allows for printing on smallformat paper, cards can be printed. The file will be
posted on the homework website the week of 10/18.
Students need to complete ALL class assignments
and practice quizzes during the unit.
Review materials and techniques will be given in
Students need to attend two intensive study
Create and review study cards
Complete in class assignments
Take and review practice quizzes
Attend study sessions
Use study materials and techniques provided
in class and at study sessions
Create mnemonics
Use online resources
The first attempt is always the best
opportunity to pass.
One retake will be offered between
Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break.
Another retake will be offered between the
end of Winter Break and the end of the first
Additional retakes are available, but it
becomes increasingly difficult for students to
hold on to the old information while working
on new materials in class.