7th Science Syllabus - Henriksen Science

7th Grade Science
Ms. Desiree Henriksen
Upper Devotion School 879-4930
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://henriksenscience.wordpress.com/index/
Course Objectives:
7th Grade science has two big areas of focus: life on Earth and Earth’s history. We will study
relationships of structure and function in living organisms and how these organisms interact with
the world around them. We will also investigate the structure of the Earth and how Earth has
changed over time. We will learn to look at problems objectively and make intelligent decisions
through investigations and scientific methods. Most importantly, we will learn that science is not
just a subject that we learn in school – it is all around us!!
Major Topics for 7th Grade Science
 Traits of Living Things
 Classification of Living Things
 Ecosystems: Energy Flow and Matter Cycles
 Cells
 DNA and Genetics
Natural Selection
Earth Structure
Rocks and Minerals
Plate Tectonics
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Materials (required daily):
 Three ring binder (one inch) with 5 dividers
 Marbled composition notebook
 Two-pocket folder
 Pen or pencil
 Student agenda (purchased from the school for $6.00)
 OPTIONAL: Simple 4 function calculator (for some topics)
Classroom Supplies (optional) – If you are able to contribute any of the following items it would
be greatly appreciated.
 Roll of paper towels
 Box of tissues
 Clorox wipes
 Bottle of dish soap
Staying Informed
1) Blog posts at http://henriksenscience.wordpress.com/category/classroom-updates/
This post will have updates on classroom activities and upcoming due dates for major assignments
and tests. I suggest following this blog (click the +follow button in the bottom of your browser
window) so that you get email reminders when I post. I anticipate posting no more than once
each week. Posts will be password protected so that I can include pictures and specifics about
what is going on in the classroom with some privacy. Password will be 2015Devo7thScience
2) The classroom website at http://henriksenscience.wordpress.com/7th-grade-science/
This site is for day-to-day lessons and assignments. You can check this page as frequently as you
want. It is a good way to get copies of assignments or classwork that may have been misplaced!
We will use a classroom set of Prentice Hall Science Explorer texts. You will also have the
option to check out a personal copy from Ms. Henriksen to keep in your locker or at home.
Each quarter grade will be calculated based on the weighted percentages indicated below.
Homework and warm-ups
Labs and activities
Exams, quizzes, and projects
Homework will be assigned regularly in order to provide you with opportunities to
understand the concepts from class. Completion based homework is due at the start of class and
will not be accepted for credit after that. Projects, labs, activities, and other collected work will be
accepted late for partial credit, but will lose approximately 10% credit. Late work will be accepted
up until the date designated by the teacher.
Retaking Tests
You will generally have 1 week from the day that you receive the original test score to
schedule a retake. You must complete the study guide for the test or show evidence that you have
adequately reviewed the material before you come in to retake the test. This shows me that you
made an effort to study before taking the test again. If your original tests grade was a 70% or
higher your retake and original grade will be averaged to give your new grade. If your original
tests grade was below a 70% your retake will be averaged with 70% to give your new grade. If
your retake grade is lower than your original test grade, I will keep your original test grade as
your full grade.
Make-up Work:
Daily assignments and material will be posted on the class website. Your missing work will
also be placed in the absent folders hanging in the classroom. It is your responsibility to collect
the missing work from your folder and consult the class log to ensure that you make up the work
within one week of your absence unless other arrangements are made. Lab make-ups will be on a
case-by-case basis, and I may choose to substitute a comparable assignment in place of a lab.
Students will not be allowed to talk during tests or quizzes. Students who do so or
otherwise cheat will have their test confiscated and receive a zero for the test. Copying,
plagiarism, and academic theft or dishonesty will not be tolerated. Respectful behavior will be
required at all times. This includes respect for yourself, fellow students, and the teacher. You are
required to read and sign a safety contract, and lab safety rules will be strictly enforced. Any
misbehavior will result in your being pulled from participating in the lab and receiving a zero for
the assignment. This is a safety necessity! Other expectations will be discussed during the first
days of class.