College Prep - Western Civilization and the Humanities

College Prep - Western Civilization and the Humanities
Western Civilization is a course, which includes the study of classical civilization to the present.
A historical and cultural approach will be taken to explore the humanities, including themes in
art, music, literature, and philosophy, and how they relate to Western Civilizations. Students
will be expected to complete essay tests and complete a research project. This course is designed
for college bound juniors. Written essays and some research activities will be expected.
Classroom Expectations
Show respect to other classmates as well as the teacher.
Be responsible for your actions.
Be quiet when others are speaking
Raise hand to be recognized before speaking.
Be prepared for class.
Students are required to bring a notebook to class every day(preferably 3 ring).
Students are expected to bring homework to class when assigned.
Students are expected to bring a pen or a pencil to every class.
Be on time for class. Three late sign-ins will result in a detention
It is imperative to uphold a classroom environment conducive to learning at all times. Students
are expected to follow the guidelines listed above and act appropriately. Failure to do so will
result in a detention. Secondly the notification of parents and finally a disciplinary referral with
principal involvement will occur.
Classroom Policies
Students are responsible for any assignments missed while absent. Students need to
inquire about missed assignments the day they return to school. It is the student’s
responsibility to account for absences.
Late Assignments
All assignments turned in late by one day will receive 1/2 credit. No assignments will be
accepted after one day of lateness. Students who are present in class when an assignment
is given are responsible for that assignment the day they return to school if absent. If you
are absent for a few days and were not aware of an assignment, three days are allotted for
make up work.
Make – up Tests and Quizzes
Students are expected to take the test or quiz the day after an absence if they knew about
the test or quiz. If a student is absent for a few days, he/she will have three days to make
up the test or quiz.
 Homework
 Quizzes/Journal
 Writing/Projects
 Tests
I have read and understand the classroom expectations, classroom policies and grading
percentages listed above.
Signature of student
Signature of parent/guardian