B. Benarrous
Materials: #2 pencil or 5 mm, spiral notebook, scientific calculator.
Content covered: Aligned to California State Standards which can be found at
Attendance/tardies: The school tardy policy WILL be followed. Illness is the only
reason for absence. Appointments and trips should be made when school is NOT in
session. While assignments can be made up, lessons can never be replaced.
Classwork is collected on a random basis. Problems must be correct in order to get
credit. When Homework is assigned, it will be graded on neatness, organization, and
completion. Full credit, however, also depends upon correctness.
Letter Grades
Based on:
Chapter Tests
Hw, Cw, Quizzes
Supplies, Partic.
Final Exam
2 grades
only 1 grade
only 1 grade
up 1/down1/stay
A 92% +
B 82% +
C 70% + is passing!!
Absolutely NO D’s
Make-ups: Hw grades will count twice when checked. Tests will be scaled; your class
percentage will stay the same. Quizzes & classwk cannot be made up. Unless prior arrangements are made, chronic absence will adversely affect your average in the class.
Forms of cheating: Looking at another’s test paper, copying homework, and
plagiarizing are some forms of cheating. Doing so will result in the receiving a zero
on a test or assignment.
If you wish to be successful in this class and in the working world, just ask yourself these
questions: Do you have your supplies, tools, materials? Are you on time? Are you on
task? Do you follow the rules of the workplace? -- And how is your attitude?
Remember the 4 P’s: Prompt, prepared, polite & participatory!!!