Course Description

Advanced Placement Physics C
Chatsworth High School
Mr. Bautista
Course Description
AP Physics C is a very difficult course and requires students to
deliver their best effort in all components of the course. You will be
expected to work at least 1-2 hours per night on homework problems. Your
grades will be based on homework, laboratory experiments, quizzes and
This is college level physics and is difficult for most students. Do
not get discouraged; rather continue to work harder at understanding the
physical and mathematical concepts in the course. Colleges give up to 15
hours of credit for grades of 3, 4 and 5 on the AP exam. Chatsworth HS
considers the AP program a very serious matter and we expect the students
to be as serious about the work as we are. The primary purpose of AP
Physics is to present to the student a course that is equivalent to the course
one would ordinarily take during the first year of college.
The course topics include mechanics and electricity/magnetism, and
cover the following California State Science Content Standards: Physics
1a-m, 2a-h, 5a-o. The course topics will directly prepare students for the
AP Physics C Exam, which all students are required to take.
Class Policies
The Chatsworth HS tardy policy will be strictly upheld. 3 tardies = “U” in
Work Habits, 4 tardies = “U” in Work Habits and Cooperation, and 5
tardies = a referral to the Dean.
Attendance is extremely important to a student’s success in this class. If a
student is absent, they should get the assignment from a classmate. Makeup tests will only be given for excused absences, students have as many
days as they were absent to make up the test.
Students are to keep a separate notebook that will include class notes, and
all returned homework, labs and tests.
Any food or drink is not allowed in the classroom. Please consume or
dispose of any food before entering class.
The instructor and fellow students, regardless of race, creed or religious
affiliation, will treat all students respectfully.
Grading Policy
Academic honesty is treated with the utmost respect in this class.
Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated and will be reflected in your
final letter grade.
Students’ grades are based on their performances on tests, quizzes,
homework problems, laboratory assignments, and final exam:
Grading Scale
90-100% A
Below 40% Fail
Students are encouraged to keep a current assignment sheet to record their
returned work.
---------------------------------Tear Off----------------------------------We have read the course syllabus for AP Physics and agree to abide by the
policies outlined.
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