Environmental Science



Mr. J. A. Rhude

Nicolet High School

Email John_Rhude@nicolet.k12.wi.us

Office Hours 2 nd

hour, 4 th

, 2:45–3:30 pm located in math/science office or F218

Phone 414-351-8246 voice mail ext 1303

Things to bring to class

Pen or pencil

Biology Science Notebook/Binder


Grading Policy

All grades in biology are cumulative and there will be grades given after each quarter. Assignments will be given weekly (please see agenda on the board in front of the classroom). Within each unit you can expect to see a number of quizzes. Tests (multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blank, essay and lab based questions will be used to assess your knowledge) will be given after each unit. Quizzes and tests will be announced ahead of time, but on occasion you may get a “pop” quiz.

Grades can be viewed online. Print outs will also be available throughout the year, especially after large projects or tests. I am also available to review your grade with you at any time upon your request.

Grades will be based on the following percentages.

20% = Daily Work

20% = Laboratory

20% = Quizzes

40% = Tests

The semester grade will be based on both your eighteen weeks grade and your final exam grade

85% = eighteen weeks grade

15% = final exam grade

Grading Scale

93 – 96.9 % = A

90 – 92.9 % = A-

87 – 89.9 % = B+

83 – 86.9 % = B

80 – 82.9 % = B-

77 – 79.9 % = C+

73 – 76.9 % = C

70 – 72.9 % = C-

67 – 69.9 % = D+

63 – 66.9 % = D

60 – 62.9 % = D-

< 60% = F


Students are expected to be respectful of themselves and others AT ALL TIMES . It is expected that students will not interfere with the learning process of other students in the classroom. Students whose behavior interferes with the learning process of others will be asked to leave the room and will be referred to the appropriate administrator.

Tardy Policy

Be in class on time. You must be in the room and near your seat when the bell rings. The first two tardies will receive a warning, the third tardy will gain an after school detention with me (must be within three days of the offense) and a call home to your parents, the fourth tardy will be referred to the office for a detention.

Make up work

All work is due on the designated due date. If work is handed in late (unexcused) it will be reduced by 50% (Please be sure to talk with me prior to handing in unexcused work). If you are absent one day, you have one day to make up the work. If you are absent two days, you have two days to make up the work. If you are absent three or more days, please see me for make up work. Some assignments will be corrected in class on the due date. This work cannot be made up for credit if you are present on that day. Students who are absent on that day must have the work into me upon their return. Students are expected to make up quizzes and tests during their study hall time or after school between 2:35 – 3:30 pm. It is your responsibility to make up all work in a timely fashion.


1 st Semester


Characteristics of Living organisms

Scientific Theory




Energy in ecosystems

Food Chains




Prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic

Cell organelles

Cell Chemistry


Organic vs. inorganic molecules

Four organic compounds

Cell Membrane

Cell Transport

2 nd Semester

Genetics and Evolution

Mendelian genetics

Genetic crosses

Genetic diseases

Genetic engineering





Immune System

Botany (Plants)


Plant structure and function

Zoology (Animals)






DNA replication

Gene expression

Mitosis and Meiosis