First Day U.S.

Welcome Back!
Do Now: Please take a
student information sheet
and begin working…
We will start in a few
minutes 
About Me…
• I am Miss Schmalacker (Miss S is
• I graduated from Islip in 2000
• I went to college at Quinnipiac
University in Connecticut
• This is my fourth year teaching and
third here at the high school.
Welcome to US History
• This is US History &
• Government 11 Regents
• You will be taking a Regents Exam in
June for this class
• We will study history from the 13
colonies to current events
in US History
• Be on time! - You are in your
seat and ready to go when the bell rings
• Be Prepared! – You have your notebook,
pen, and planner with you (and textbook
when needed)
• Be engaged! – You participate and
contribute to the class (no falling asleep
allowed! – you have a class participation
Grading Policy
• Tests & Quizzes
• Participation & Work
• Homework
Info about grades…
• Of the 70% tests count 2x,
Quizzes 1x
• HW – given 3-4 times a week and
WILL be checked/handed in!
• You will have at least one
project/DBQ each quarter. It will
count as a test grade.
Reading Quizzes
• Reading Quizzes will be given following a
reading HW assignment
• They will contain 5 questions
for a total of ten points.
• At the end of the quarter, the 10 quiz
grades will add up to a test grade.
• A few extra will be given each quarter
to make up for absences & low grades.
Extra Help
• I will be at school (in Room 200) at from
7 am until 2:30 pm every day!
• If you are going to stay PLEASE!! let me
know so I make sure I am in my room.
• Please do NOT hesitate to ask for help
– my job is to help you succeed!
New Seat Time!
You will have
assigned seats at
least until I learn
all of your names…
Interview Questions…
1. Name
2. Grade
3. What team you were on last year?
4. What do you like to do outside of school?
5. What is one interesting thing I should know
about you?
** You may want to jot down your answers,
you will be introducing them to the class**