Money Management Syllabus 2015

Money Management
Mrs. Jill French
937.746.4481 ext. 473
[email protected]
Course Description: The purpose of this course is to empower students with knowledge and
application of basic financial principles so that they can make sound financial decisions for life.
Students will learn how to budget, save, spend wisely, avoid debt, and give. Students will
develop an education and career plan that will help them obtain and grow their income over time.
Students will also learn how to make their money work for them through an investment and
retirement portfolio. Finally, students will learn how to manage financial risk through various
types of insurance.
Class Materials: To have in class EVERYday!
o Composition notebook (for Money Management only)
o Folder
o Writing utensil (black or blue, no colored pens or pencils)
Assistance: I will be available for extra help after school and during Prime Time. You can also
receive help during Study Tables on Tuesdays after school and you can always contact me via
Classroom Behavior: Be Prompt. Be Prepared. Be Polite. Be Productive.
Tardies: Each quarter, on your 3rd tardy to class you will receive 1 detention, 4th tardy – 2
detentions, 5th+ tardy – you will receive a written office referral. Consider this your warning - be
on time!
Communication: To receive updates via text message, text @mmgt to 81010.
Cheating: Cheating will not be tolerated. This includes copying homework, using someone
else’s work as your own, discussing quiz/test questions, and any communication during a
quiz/test. Cheating will result in a zero, a detention and a phone call home for ALL involved.
Cheaters never prosper!
Learning & Grading: Here are the learning activities that will contribute to your grade.
 Classwork/Homework (30%)
o The majority of the practice and learning will be done in class. There may be
occasions where work will need to be completed outside of class.
 Tests/Quizzes/Labs/Projects (70%)
o All quizzes, tests, labs, and projects will be announced several days in advance. If
absent, work needs to be complete the day the student returns.
o There will be many assignments which being present in class is necessary, an
excess of absences will hurt your grade.
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